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One of Our Christmas Trees, Tooth Fairy & Colts Won Again

I have two of three trees up and the photos aren't doing it justice!  It's having some tilt issues with the tree topper and I can't seem to straighten it up.  I am thinking about not putting up the upstairs tree just because there is so much yet to do with five kids, three sets of parents and many nieces and nephews.

Today, I put together the castle that my six year old wanted as I figured I'd take a different approach and preassemble the presents to make Christmas morning more special.  The Jeep Rubicon will be a huge project to assemble.

My six year old lost another tooth so that makes four now so she's excited beyond belief about the Tooth Fairy coming tonight.

My 21 year old is upset because the Patriots were upset tonight and lost barely.  Boooo.....

I'm more than happy as MY Peyton Manning won ...again!  12-0!  Only the Saints compare with a 12-0 record.

The Cowboys lost ...they are my husband's favorite team but I was happy they lost to the other Manning brother.  Yeah!!!

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Colts Won 11-0!!!!

All I can say is.....


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Biggest Loser Almost Wrapping Up Another Season & Colts Won Again!

My vice is The Biggest Loser so it's the only thing I tune into on a regular basis other than watching the Indianapolis Colts play (Go Peyton!).  Our TV usually blares episodes of Sponge Bob, Kai Lan, Wuzby and whoever else it is that I can't recall.  I love the coaches and love how they play good cop/bad cop with the contestants.  Jillian needs to be my coach to help me lose weight!  She's a lean, mean, fighting machine!

This past week's Biggest Loser was make over week so it was a little boring but great to see these contestants go from being overly obese to WOW!  Last season, my favorate was Tara and I'm favoring Alan since my favorite, Abby was eliminated.  If you ever need a good cry or need to feel blessed for what you have, go to the Biggest Loser page and look up Abby's story.

My own fitness challenge has three people but these two ladies that joined me are amazing!  They have already lost weight since we started and are my inspiration!  Way to go ladies!

If you missed The Biggest Loser and need a kick start motivator, check out the make over pics here.

Forgot to mention, my Colts won!  Go Peyton!!!  I'll always be a Hoosier at heart!


My Beloved Colts & Peyton Manning WON!

The best QB EVER!  Maybe Tom Brady is but my loyalty has to be with Indiana since I'm a Hoosier.  Last night's game was amazing and a nail biter.  Just as you thought the Colts would lose to the Pats, as they usually do, the Pats did two incredibly stupid moves that cost them the game but I'm not complaining!

My oldest is a Pat's fan (i.e. Tom Brady) so she even came home to watch the game given the magnitude of this game.  They usually play only once during regular season and the Colts usually lose but not all the time. Peyton had his game!

If the Super Bowl is just, it will be The Colts V. The Pats!

My husband is a Cowboys fan ..... BIG mistake!

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