Embracing a Healthy Family: Teaching to Give Back

Teaching to Give Back

I talked with my six year old about the importance of giving back and told her a couple of examples at how she could participate this year for the holiday season.  After I told her she could pick out some toys she no longer wants, she immediately went up to her room and picked out some toys.  Granted a couple were McDonald's Happy Meal toys, she did include a keyboard, a Barbie car, Hokey Pokey Elmo and a Polly Pocket playhouse.

The second lesson included picking out a child out of the JcPenney's Angel Tree that is now available online.  She picked a little girl the same age as our youngest and we picked out the wish list items.  It was fun for her to do this and I hope it continues to instil a feeling of giving back.

My oldest still talks about how one year we picked a girl's name that was the same name as hers and how much that meant to her.

Youthful Tips

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