Embracing a Healthy Family: The Ugly Truth with Gerard Butler

The Ugly Truth with Gerard Butler

I think utilizing "ugly" with Gerard Butler should be a sin but I suppose based on how his personality is in the movie sums it up along with the ever confusing history of men and women.  I watched this movie last night with my oldest who is 21 so perfectly of age to watch a movie of this level.  There was no nudity other than a brief shot of the backside of a man so it almost proves that a movie can be good without nudity or moment by moment sex scene.  They could have even done without the backside shot as you got the gist of that scene. 

It's a great girl's night movie but forewarning they touch on some edges of raunchiness pending on what your view points are.  I think some scenes were funny possibly due to being embarrassed of the subject matter in front of my daughter and the sheer unexpectedness of what was said.  It's predictable but funny and Katherine Heigl did a great job as well.

All in all, it has Gerard Butler so I enjoyed it.  I loved him in P.S. I Love You and 300.  If you need one of those funny movies to lighten your mood or someone to dream about, catch this one.

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