Embracing a Healthy Family: Go Colts!!!! & Gift Card Giveaway Update

Go Colts!!!! & Gift Card Giveaway Update

I just jinxed the Colts as I was typing this, the Jets scored a beautiful touchdown.  No worries as I have all the faith in the world in the Colts!  Win or lose, I am a Hoosier always and will support the Colts!

In case you are reading this and wondered about my poll on preferences for a giveaway, I'm still waiting on Trimback to give me the card I won via a blogging contest.  I was going to take the $100 gift card to Walmart and give it away to one of my readers.  It will be three weeks this coming Thursday when they notified me of the win but still have not received a confirmation, an e-mail or nothing.  Want to see that gift card as a giveaway for two winners at $50 each?  Tweet them here and ask them to please turn it over!

Go Peyton!

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