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Go Colts!!!! & Gift Card Giveaway Update

I just jinxed the Colts as I was typing this, the Jets scored a beautiful touchdown.  No worries as I have all the faith in the world in the Colts!  Win or lose, I am a Hoosier always and will support the Colts!

In case you are reading this and wondered about my poll on preferences for a giveaway, I'm still waiting on Trimback to give me the card I won via a blogging contest.  I was going to take the $100 gift card to Walmart and give it away to one of my readers.  It will be three weeks this coming Thursday when they notified me of the win but still have not received a confirmation, an e-mail or nothing.  Want to see that gift card as a giveaway for two winners at $50 each?  Tweet them here and ask them to please turn it over!

Go Peyton!

Youthful Tips

One of Our Christmas Trees, Tooth Fairy & Colts Won Again

I have two of three trees up and the photos aren't doing it justice!  It's having some tilt issues with the tree topper and I can't seem to straighten it up.  I am thinking about not putting up the upstairs tree just because there is so much yet to do with five kids, three sets of parents and many nieces and nephews.

Today, I put together the castle that my six year old wanted as I figured I'd take a different approach and preassemble the presents to make Christmas morning more special.  The Jeep Rubicon will be a huge project to assemble.

My six year old lost another tooth so that makes four now so she's excited beyond belief about the Tooth Fairy coming tonight.

My 21 year old is upset because the Patriots were upset tonight and lost barely.  Boooo.....

I'm more than happy as MY Peyton Manning won ...again!  12-0!  Only the Saints compare with a 12-0 record.

The Cowboys lost ...they are my husband's favorite team but I was happy they lost to the other Manning brother.  Yeah!!!

Youthful Tips


I'm so excited as our family loves football! Mostly I love the Colts and the Patriots and yes, I admit that I am a Tom Brady fan but I prefer Peyton Manning for his football skills. In our house, we all have our favorite teams with my oldest daughter loving Brady but my husband is a Cowboys fan. So that leaves two little one's that get to root for whomever they are preferring at the moment which is usually whoever they are feeling closest to or if they are wanting something.


We started this tradition that every year, we get out our team shirts and wear them on the day of game play. We have even went so far to buy the rub on tattoos to match ...well, my husband didn't but my girls and I did.

The shirts I get are usually personalized with our names and they are the lookalike jerseys as the replicas are too expensive. This one shop on Ebay sells really nice shirts that appeal to girls (linked in the pictures at the top). The shirts are rhinestone and look really nice if you want that girly look.

Shindigz has great party supplies all in a theme so it makes it easier to plan. I like Shindigz as they are an Indiana company which is where I am from and lived up until becoming an Army wife. This year we are having a superbowl party so I'll be looking for all the cool and unique supplies.

Cookies by Design has great cookies to add to a football party:

Party 411 has really great invitations that look like ticket stubs. I'll probably make my own on Zazzle as I like to be creative.

The latest Kraft Food's magazine Food & Family has great ideas for game day gatherings. 

The Ritz Cheesy Football is so cute and since the cheese is shaped into a football, the men will love it!   They even have a recipe for a Jell-O football helmet.

The Game Day Football Cake is something that I'll try this year.

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