Embracing a Healthy Family: Skin 2 Skin Natural & Certified Organic Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Care Review

Skin 2 Skin Natural & Certified Organic Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Care Review

I started my blog initially as a forum to learn and share information on beauty and health and of course, it went a little further outside that theme.  I still am on the path to find the best way to age.  I know I can't stop it but I want to find out how to deter it long enough to enjoy the next phase of life.  Reading books such as Dr. Sears' Prime Time Health and learning more about organic and products that are created without substitutions and man-made products is the way to go. 

I do enjoy reviewing products that are of organic nature and also realized in my pursuit of knowledge, just because it claims to be healthy, be of a vitamin origin or claim to be organic, it's not always the case.  Consumers have to protect themselves as the FDA does not regulate these types of products.  The one area that might cause confusion is the FDA regulation over products versus FDA regulated facilities.  One of the big pro's I read about Skin 2 Skin is the facility is not only in the US but it is made at a FDA & certified organic lab.

Per their website, Skin 2 Skin is natural and certified organic,  revitalizes skin, restores health and is result driving.  Ken Simpson, the founder of Skin 2 Skin, has committed to provide you with the best natural and certified organic tools possible for a healthy and youthful complexion. 

Skin 2 Skin products has no harsh chemicals or known harmful ingredients like Parabens, Petroleum, Mineral Oil, Sulfates, Paraffin, Synthetic Color or Fragrance, PABA and No Animal Ingredients or Testing.  The average store shelf product has many, if not all of those ingredients.

The complete line of Skin 2 Skin products will have you covered:
  • Cleansing
  • Eye Treatments
  • Spot Anti-Aging
  • Anti-Aging Moisturizers
  • Night Moisturizers
  • Sun Protection
  • Skin Care Sets
I was able to review the White Tea Anti-Aging Face Wash and Un-Wrinkle Forehead & Crow's Feet Cream.

The White Tea Anti-Aging Face Wash is a gentle foaming cleanser that is not harsh.  The smell is pleasant and it gently exfoliates as it moisturizes.  The anti-oxidant properties help to rid the skin of dead cells, impurities and debris.  It's best to use twice daily and I can definitely tell a difference when I don't use the face wash.  My skin feels smoother, softer and has a better look to it.  It didn't help with my acne but I use a facial tanner lotion that does increase my breakouts.  I suspect if I quit using the tanner, I wouldn't have an acne issues.  The bottle is large and lasts a long time.  I would definitely recommend this cleanser for any skin type and any age.  I did feel my skin benefitted from the use.

The Un-Wrinkle Forehead and Crow's Feet Cream is one of Skin 2 Skin's newer products.  It's touted as a milder and safer alternative to Botox.  If you are like me, you are a little reluctant to the long term use of Botox since there hasn't been any long term studies on the safety of it.  This "intensive cream is formulated with naturally occurring amino acid peptides that were implemented to relax facial tension which in turn reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by as much as 27% within 30 days. Since the un-wrinkle cream is a rehydrating and tension reducing compound, the forehead and eye areas are more placid and without stress which will minimalize wrinkling."  I need to use it a little longer to see if I notice a bigger change.  It has a pleasant scent, goes on light and does not have a greasy or heavy residue.  As with the other Skin 2 Skin product, I do like it.

Another great feature of Skin 2 Skin is the ability to download their At Home Treatment Guide.  Skin 2 Skin also provides great resources for wellness and your skin, articles and news, fitness and your skin and hormones and aging.  This is important to me when I search for the latest skin care products as I don't want just products but I want help to maintain a healthier lifestyle and Skin 2 Skin realizes that you need to take care of many aspects in order to help your aging process.  Simple things like drinking plenty of water has been scientifically documented in helping with aging. 

Skin 2 Skin has been featured in many media outlets such as Alllure, Day Spa Magazine, Natural Health and many more.  For more information, click here: http://www.skin2skincare.com/detail_07.asp?loginid=&itemnum=S2S8&backflag=&ordernum=&promocode=&promolog=&promodis=&DBPromodiscdollen=&Promodiscdol=&Promodiscpcent=&VIPdis=&VIPtotal=&newprod=Y&PID=3

Find Skin 2 Skin at your local spa by clicking here.  You can also check out the Skin 2 Skin blog here, become a Facebook Fan or follow on Twitter.

If you register and buy within 24 hours, you can get a special 15% off discount to your shopping cart.

In summary, I recommend Skin 2 Skin based on the two products I reviewed.  The face wash is wonderful and I love it!  I need to use the Up-Wrinkle a little longer to provide a full review which I will do in two weeks.

*Disclaimer:  I received both of the products I based this review on complimentary.  I did not receive any other compensation and the opinions in this post are mine.

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