Embracing a Healthy Family: What Do Curtains, Women and Steven Spielberg Have in Common?

What Do Curtains, Women and Steven Spielberg Have in Common?

They are all involved with Steven Spieldberg's Dreamworks new release of Lovely Bones with Mark Wahlberg.  Really!  Cubicle Curtain Factory, a woman-owned company, makes, installs and sells hospital privacy curtains.  Not only do they possibly appear in your hospital but they are also used as props and backdrops on NBC’s Law & Order SVU, Paramount Pictures’ Mission: Impossible III, Hancock with Will Smith and now Lovely Bones.

As a woman-owned company, I love to try to promote as much as possible thus the reason for this post!  Not only are they woman-owned but they also donate a portion of proceeds to cancer patients.   Cubical Curtain Factory offers a full line of mill-direct fabrics, including anti-microbial and eco-friendly designer and tone-on-tone fabrics for healthcare privacy curtains, window treatments, shower curtains and bed covers. The company donates 1% of its profits to Common Thread for the Cure to help breast cancer patients.

They are made in the USA too!

* Information provided by Adrienne at The TransMedia Group

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