Embracing a Healthy Family: Beauty Product Obsessed?

Beauty Product Obsessed?

My latest Yahoo Shine's Beauty Guru assignment was to blog about being obsessed with beauty products.  It didn't take me long to know the outcome of this one.  I'm not taking aging gracefully as I'm fighting it to a large degree.  I've tried Botox but quite frankly, it scares me.  Working in the pharmaceutical world, I know the importance of long term testing and I still don't think there has been any or enough clinical testing on long term effects of Botox.  All I know is when I completed two rounds of it, my eyelids dropped as it wore off and my wrinkles looked horrible.  Some of it subsided with time but I can't help to wonder about it.  I will also tell you that I LOVED the results from Botox while it was active. 

You name the over the counter product and I've mostly likely tried it.

To see my post on Shine, click here and share if you have any obsessions!

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Tiffany said...

My sisters and I are always trying the newest thing, whether it be for your hair or your skin. I could probably wash the head of 150 people without batting an eye. Not to mention slather them with the many lotions that I have acquired. I think everyone is always looking for that product that is going to do "it" for them and I think we will forever be looking for that "it" product.


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