Embracing a Healthy Family: Huggies Diaper and Wipes Review

Huggies Diaper and Wipes Review

I've diapered a lot of babies and although maybe I should have chosen cloth diapers, I was never one up for having to wash them.  I've been through many brands of diapers but by far, my favorite diaper brand is Huggies.  I've tried Luvs, Pampers and store brands but overall, Huggies is my tried and true brand.

I've used Huggies from preemie stage all the way up to 'yes, she's old enough to be potty trained' age.  Huggies not only offers the best products for babies but their site is filled with great articles on parenting.

Happy, Healthy Pregnancy has information, a sharing space, fun tools, special offers and all about their products.

You can join the Huggies Baby Network to get weekly tips tailored to you and your baby, activity books, coupons, offers, samples, ideas and much more.


Little Snugglers include sizes from preemies, newborn, size 1 and 2.  These were great for my littlest one since she weighed in at 5 pounds.  The extra little u section area to protect the cord is nice.  They even offer a wetness indicator that changes color when wet and a little extra pocket of protection against messes in the back along the waistband.

The Huggies Little Movers in sizes 3-6 are perfect for those on the go tots who don't know how to sit down.  The Huggies are ruged and withstand all the crawling, walking, jumping and normal wear and tear by active kids.  The specially shaped areas around the legs provides comfort and lessens the rubbing and irritation factor.  They definitely work overnight too.

Huggies even offers Pure and Natural diapers that are made of organic materials and has a touch of aloe and Vitamin E.  I have not tried these or the overnight diapers.

I have tried the pull ups and swimmers and like both of them.  I'm even taking part in the House Party Huggies Potty Party and will be offering another post on that.

My other favorite Huggies product are the wipes.  There are so many varieties to choose from which shows Huggies really listens to families and understands our needs.  Whether you buy the refills or the refillable tubs, they give you the variety to add cuteness to your routine with designer tubs.

My favorites are the Soft Skin type with shea butter.  I have not tried any of the others but I will have to look into the Calming Touch as the fragrance sounds interesting.  I like the thickness of the wipes and how they hold up against the messiest of messes.  They don't irritate the skin and have a pleasant fragrance. 

I recommend both Huggies diapers and wipes due to the quality, proven effectiveness in delivering what they promise, choice of packages (quantity) and the cost.  Both products are durable and surpass competitors.

*Disclaimer:  I received no compensation for this post.

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