Embracing a Healthy Family: Children's Birthday Cooking Party Ideas & Invitations

Children's Birthday Cooking Party Ideas & Invitations

Trying to decide what theme to use for your kid's birthday can be exciting or can give you anxiety.  I love planning birthday parties and take great joy in each and every one I get to plan.  Last year, we had a Ratatouille cooking party for my six year old.  It was loads of fun with coordinated invitations, cake, games and so much more.

I purchased child size inexpensive aprons and chef hats from Oriental Trading Company which served as station one to greet the kids when they arrived.  With the help of foam letter stickers and markers, each child was able to add their name to the apron and decorate both the hat and apron to uniquely fit their personality.  It also took time to allow everyone to arrive and they were able to take home their aprons and hats since their names made it easy to sort.

After the decorating, Ratatouille was playing on the big screen TV and I had Ratatouille decorations all over the house.  The second stage was the pizza making area.  I bought several toppings and frozen pizza dough from our local Publix.  Each girl had their own little rolling pin to take home and they were able to make their own little pizza.  Once they were done with that, they moved to the cupcake decorating station and I purchased boxes so they could take their cupcakes home.  We had many toppings and icing to make each one special.

While the pizza cooked and cooled, we went outside and played some games for prizes and broke open the pinata.  We then ate pizza and had a delicious Ratatouille cake that I had specially made from a local at home baker.

Opening presents ended the finale with each girl expressing how much fun it was and each parent telling me how brave I was.   It was great fun!

I customized my own invitations, t-shirts, posters and button from Zazzle.

This is another example that you can create or purchase from Zazzle:

Kids Cooking Party Invitation Customize card
Kids Cooking Party Invitation Customize by jbranam
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Tiffany said...

That sounds really cute, I wish I had daughters because there is no way my boys will let me have a party like this, lol.


Judy Joyce said...

I suspect that's why 13 girls showed up from her class and no boys :(! This year, she's struggling between Taylor Swift or Build-a-Bear but it will be right before hubby deploys to Kuwait so not sure yet.

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