Embracing a Healthy Family: Etsy Seller Showcare: Simple Luxury

Etsy Seller Showcare: Simple Luxury

I'm always looking for nice or unique shops in Ety and actually found this one at "Life Requiers More Chocolate." Amen to that!  When I first visited Simple Luxury, I wished there were more items because they were cute, nice and simple.  They weren't overly blingy or flashy and were just really nice pieces of jewelry that would compliment any outfit.

My two favorites are the Kiss Me I'm Irish Lucky Charm Shamrock Bracelet at only $19 and the Heart Charm Anklet Bracelet at $15.

Another favorite of mine is the the Chic Handbag Wine Glass Charms priced at only $15 for six.

Simple Luxury's Bio:

We are long time friends and creative partners who enjoy creating things that enhance the quality of life of others ... simple luxuries.

We have years of experience of making and sharing our handmade items.

Check them out!

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Tiffany said...

Thank you so much for the showcase. We can't appreciate it enough. So happy you like everything!!!


Aisha said...

I am really excited that you noticed my creations. What a fantastic surprise! Thank you for sharing my creations with your followers.

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