Embracing a Healthy Family: Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Cradle n' Swing Review

Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Cradle n' Swing Review

The Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Cradle n' Swing is another swing that I had the opportunity to try out first hand.  I liked this swing as when it first was introduced, it was new and innovative with the features of the water globe offering lights that glowed.

Features include:

  • This swing offers two modes of pattern:  Side to side or cradle motion and back and forth or head to toe.  This was an important feature to me as the swing that I used for my middle child was critical to my sanity.  My middle child had really bad colic and it was hard to soothe her.  This option to choose from different cradle motions was a life saver as it offered up variety which she needed.
  • Six swing modes was also important as sometimes she needed more motion to soothe her versus a slower motion when she was asleep.
  • The eight soothing songs was a nice feature as she didn't have to listen to the same one or two melodies.
  • The moving mobile and the globe offered her distractions as well as stimulation during the periods she wasn't crying!
  • There was a detachable tray with beads that was nice as she grew.  She enjoyed playing with the beads and placing toys on the tray once she grew a little older.
  • The seat had two positions which provided comfort as she also had gastric reflux.  Having a seat pad that could be washed was a blessing as again, she had gastric reflux.
  • This swing comes with two options of power:  batteries or AC adapter which is always nice if you have to go on a trip and use battery power or electric outlets.  It was also fairly portable.

I would recommend this swing given the flexibility of features and it was durable.  The only con is it takes up space but at the comfort of your baby, it's worth it.  It survived a cross the Atlantic voyage from Hawaii to Georgia with no problems.

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