Embracing a Healthy Family: Join Moms Meet: Learning to Live Greener

Join Moms Meet: Learning to Live Greener

Moms Meet is sponsored by Kiwi Magazine and Earth's Best to educate and share knowledge on living greener. If you are one of many who don't necessarily recycle or choose products that are best for the environment, it's okay as living green also encompasses living healthier.  Living healthier also encompasses choosing products that are organic in nature.  I picked up on choosing products that are organic due to health concerns of products containing artificial flavorings, sugar substitutes, processed flours and sugars along with a host of other chemicals and additives that really aren't fully understood in the long term relative to safety.

Moms Meet encourages moms to meet up and form groups in their communities to broaden the knowledge available to live greener, to live healthier.  It's full of great articles ranging from your family to you which is something us busy moms neglect to take care of.

You can join Earth's Best for valuable coupons, offers and more information articles.

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