Embracing a Healthy Family: Throwing a Party Cheaper with The Coupon Mom

Throwing a Party Cheaper with The Coupon Mom

This couldn't have been at a better time, the Coupon Mom has released a new video on throwing a party for less.  I have a birthday bash and a going away for my hubby who will be leaving in May for Kuwait.  The Coupon Mom lends her advice to a mom getting ready to celebrate a party for her parents for 100 guests.  To cater the event, she would have been looking at around $5,000!  With the Coupon Mom, she will find out how to save a lot!  What would have costs $50 per person (catering) ends up costing $2 per person.

Making your own food for a party is definitely the cheaper way to go if you have the time and the space to store the food.  The Coupon Mom showed how to price the food per person to ensure you are getting a good deal and showed how much convenience costs.  It's amazing when you hear it broken down like that.

Another episide, which any woman can use, shows how a mom was able to cut down $200~ of beauty product spending for her two teen daughters down to under $50.  Most coupon bloggers know how great CVS and other drug store specials are.  Coupon Mom said drug store beauty products can be up to 80% off.

I like watching the Coupon Mom on YouTube just to catch some good tips and hints.

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