Embracing a Healthy Family: Say No to Artificial Sweeteners

Say No to Artificial Sweeteners

I've been wondering about artificial sweeteners for some time especially in light of the cancer concerns and I've also read that they induce hunger.  I noticed when I drink Coke Zero or Crystal Light over water, I tend to crave more food and especially sweets.

A new study published in Physiology & Behavior put it to test and found that the two control groups, rats with artificial sweetener and rats on glucose consumed calories differently.  The rats on artificial sweeteners did in fact consume 50 more calories a week in comparison to the control group and gained 10 more grams of fat to their body weight.  Read full article here.

There you have it!  Another study supporting the fact that artificial sweeteners do increase desire to consume more and pack on more pounds.  It's time to just say no!

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