Embracing a Healthy Family: Last Night's Winners & Ficklets

Last Night's Winners & Ficklets

All four winners have responded for the wins!  Great news as it's much easier to move forward when I can close the loop.  I just have one of the sponsor's to validate the win.  I was also pleased to see a man win for the third time at one of my giveaways!  It's great to appeal to all audiences!  Grats Tim!

Don't forget that there are many other giveaways for the month of February with one that is near and dear mostly because she's a woman owned entreprenuer who I want to see succeed.  I did not know her prior to her contacting me from Twitter but I hope if you have children who wears glasses or know of one who does, you will check out http://www.ficklets.com/

Ros has many styles to choose from at extremely reasonable prices.  This allows children to personalize something they might not normally like to wear.

I have a giveaway ending on the 6th for two winners so don't miss out:  http://youthfultips.blogspot.com/2010/01/unique-ways-to-personalize-your-glasses.html

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