Embracing a Healthy Family: Aden + Anais: Made for Baby Designed for You Muslin Swaddling Blankets Review

Aden + Anais: Made for Baby Designed for You Muslin Swaddling Blankets Review

One of the first things new parents learn at the hospital is to swaddle. Swaddling has many benefits to include eliminating a startle reflex, provides comfort to a little one and giving a good night's sleep.  Swaddling in muslin, a natural cotton material, provides additional comfort while not overheating your baby.  Muslin is a finely woven, breathable fabric that is delicate yet durable.  It's also stretchy making it the perfect candidate for swaddling.  Because muslin is lightweight, it allows air to circulate the baby.

Aden + Anais has a nice collection of different products made of muslin:

  • Classic Collection - 100% natural cotton muslin swaddles can be used for swaddling, stroller covers, burp cloths, nursing shields, summertime and tummy time blanket, change table cover, portable crib sheets and many more!
  • Organic Collection - 100% organic and certified
  • Cozy Collection - double the thickness but still made of 100% natural cotton muslin
  • Bamboo Collection - luxuriously soft and natural


  • Classic Slumber Collection - used over pajamas which provides extra comfort of not worrying about tangled blankets or fallen blankets.
  • Cozy Slumber Collection - four times the thickness of the Classic Slumber Collection.  The extra layers are perfect for winter.

Burpy Bibs:

  • Two packs that are made of Aden + Anais' special shape that helps to keep baby and you clean.  Made of muslin and comes in a variety of chic patterns.

Towel & Washcloth Sets:

  • Natural, gentle muslin washcloth and hooded bath towel.  Available in four designs.

Washcloth Sets:

  • Soft, gentle muslin meets durable cute patterns to help keep your little one clean.

Dream Blankets:

  • Perfect for the older baby and toddler.   Four layers of soft muslin provides warmth and comfort in fun styles.
  • Natural muslin in the perfect form as a security blanket.  Available in two packs with great looking designs.

Swaddle Love:

  • A book featuring entertaining and practical guide on swaddling.

The Review:

The Alpha Bit Swaddle four pack which also is 100% cotton muslin and is very soft and lightweight.  The extra large size allows for full proof swaddling.  Too often in my experiences, blankets have been too small to effectively swaddle or too large and fluffy to get a good swaddle completed.  The muslin allows for such ease in ensuring the folds stay in place without worrying about the baby getting too hot.  The description states the more you wash, the softer they get.  This is very true and it feels wonderful!  No irritation or roughness.

We also found the Swaddle blanket was perfect size to lie down to protect the carpet from messes and the baby from the harsh fibers.

I loved the fact that there is an option for organic and how soft and soothing they are.  I definitely will have to try the sleeping bags as I love the idea and need to have Aden + Anais make bigger ones as my two and six year olds will not keep blankets on.

I would recommend Aden + Anais.

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*Disclaimer: I was provided a complimentary four pack in exchange for my review.  I received no financial compensation.

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