Embracing a Healthy Family: Yubo Lunch Boxes: New Lunch Packing System Review

Yubo Lunch Boxes: New Lunch Packing System Review

If your kids are like mine, they take their lunch to school and every year, you descend upon all the stores looking for the coolest and neatest looking lunch boxes.  The modern lunch box is different from the tin cased ones some of us "older" moms remember.  The one thing in common is they require the use of baggies and are what you bought is what you get.  A new "kid" on the block is Yubo and what makes Yubo unique is not just the name but many features:

  • Patent pending modular design - allows many areas to fit a meal in one convenient, cool lunch box while protecting the food.
  • Anti-microbal, BPA-free and dishwasher safe - this is brilliant on so many fronts.  You get a microbal resistent container that is free of those harmful, cancer causing plastics and you can just throw it in the dishwasher for convenience and an extra hot, sanitary clean.
  • Reusuable containers which means no waste which is cheaper for your budget and better for the environment.
  • Faceplates that are interchangeable and can be personalized.  The lunch box changes with the mood, the interests, the personality and the year.  No more buying lunch box after lunch box when you can just purchase faceplates.  You can even get photo faceplates!
  • Available online at www.getyubo.com, Amazon and Toys R Us.

The standard lunch box is only $21.95 while the deluxe which features the custom ice pack and three containers starts at $29.95 with a free faceplate set.

You can also purchase a drink holder that conveniently places the drink bottle along the lunch box for easier carrying.  The food containers can also be purchased in a large container that is perfect for sandwiches, a two pack medium size containers that is perfect for snacks or vegetables and a two pack of small containers that holds desert or other smaller food items.

If you are responsible for fund raisers, you can even raise money for your school! With the personalized option, you can use your school logo or let the kids be creative in creating their own or choose an already created faceplate.  Just go here for more information:  http://www.getyubo.com/pages/School-Fundraising-Program

Yubo is a great concept in giving children a choice for a great looking and fun lunch box while offering a product that is safe and is better for your budget and the environment.  I would recommend the Yubo lunch box for your little one or as a gift to your little special one.

In honor of my husband's deployment to Kuwait in six weeks, I had to show one of the newest, coolest designs:  The military faceplate:

Get your Yubo now!

* Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary Yubo lunch box in exchange for a review.  No financial compensation was received.

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