Embracing a Healthy Family: Bring On Spring ... Please?

Bring On Spring ... Please?

Last night after I gave my youngest her Nasalcrom, Singulair, Flovent and Albuterol, I was begging for spring to hurry up and get here to knock out some of these colds.  Having her on two daily medications just like my six year old with epilepsy and migraines sounds much better than her multiple medications a day.  I don't see how young bodies take in so much but I'd rather resort to the medications than not have them here.

I just went outside in my new Earth Footwear totally cool exercise shoes and looked down in the flower bed to see little pretty flowers blooming!  It is so encouraging to see the flowers blooming but then when you are down in Georgia, it could snow the next day as it just did two week's ago.  Actually, snow is rare as I should say just "get cold."

As I wish for spring, it's also pushing ahead my husband's deployment sooner. Whereas I don't want to see him having to deploy yet again, I desperately want spring to come!  His new departure date is somewhere around April 28th.  The good news is he'll have nice accomodations in Kuwait with television, cable and internet accessk so he'll be able to communicate with us nightly.

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Molomatic said...

Spring is coming, I swear! Cold/flu season is going to wrap up soon.

I feel for you. My little gal has asthma and takes most of the same meds as your youngest. It's hard! I'm glad we will get a bit of a break soon. :-)

Judy Joyce said...

I can't wait! It's ashame how many kiddos are on those medications. Between the epilepsy medications for my 6 year old and all of these for the 2 year old, it's trying. I feel for you too! Thanks for the encouragement that Spring really is coming soon-Yeah! We didn't have this problem when we lived in Hawaii ... I think we must go back!

Tiffany said...

Yeah my son coughs allllll night long. I feel so bad for him but soon he'll be stuffed up when the flowers bloom. Oh the allergies.


Molomatic said...

Hum, moving back to Hawaii. Now THAT sounds like a great solution! :-)

Spring is coming, Spring is coming, Spring is coming!

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