Embracing a Healthy Family: Mamavation Monday Sistahood (Week Two) Post for Week 9

Mamavation Monday Sistahood (Week Two) Post for Week 9

After rereading the "how to" pledge to be a sista, I didn't completely answer the about me portion so this week will be both my successes and challenges and more about me.

I'm on week four of Nutrisystem and have found that I'm still hungry, if not hungrier, since being on it.  I'm seriously contemplating ending it and just eating sensibly.  I will make the decision today.  I did write my bike for almost two hours yesterday and the one challenge I need to focus on is picking up the speed to really hit my burn.  I tend to blog while I'm doing it and only stay at a 15 mph pace.  With working full time, telecommuting, and having two small kids with chronic medical conditions and are usually sick lately, it's been a challenge getting enough sleep.  It's widely known that those that do not get adequate sleep tend to be overweight.  I know first hand on that as even my middle child, almost seven, never slept through the night for the first four years which was when I was the heaviest. 
My successes this past week include:
  • Joining Mamavation and making the Sistahood (crowds screaming)!
  • Riding my bike every day for minimally one hour.
  • Trying to watch calorie intake and nearly succeeding.
  • Eating a vegetable and fruit (at least one) every day.
My Challenges:
  • Sticking to my calorie intake.
  • Avoiding chocolate.
  • Getting enough sleep
I lost nothing this past week but I didn't gain either.

Quick Bio:

I'm a telecommuting mom who works full time.  I have five kids, three at home and two stepchildren in Texas.  Two of my children were diagnosed in 2008, within two weeks of one another, with Benign Rolandic Epilepsy and an unknown pulmonary condition that almost took her life.  Since then, the two year old has been labeled with asthma and allergies.  Both take daily medications and whenever get hit with colds, the two year old has to be monitored closely as it's usually a trip to the hospital.  Due to the six year old's epilepsy, we formed Angels4Epilepsy to give back to other children who are hospitalized with epilepsy.

I'm also an Army wife with a husband deploying to Kuwait at the very end of April or early May for a year.  He's had many deployments so we tend to lose track.  Since our marriage, this is his first year long deployment so this will be challenging especially for the younger ones.  I'm also a grandma-to-be as my almost 22 year old is pregnant with her first one.

I'm currently attempting to write a historical novel and am half way through.  I also blog on the side and review products and provide giveaways.

This Week's Goals:
  • Continue watching what I eat.
  • Kicking up my speed on my bike and/or add in EA Active
  • Lose two pounds

Youthful Tips

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kia said...

Hi Judy, "Eating a vegetable and fruit (at least one) every day"?? All right, this is about baby steps LOL, it will be nice to see you LURVE them especially as spring is here. I don't know how southern you are in Texas but get to a farmers market when you can with the kids to have some fun with your produce. I also wish you the gift of a rested body, it sounds like that is out of your control though with your babes. Do what you can, sleep as best as you can, hydrate as much as you can, and get your body as prepped as possible for your journey.

Colleen said...

You can do it!!! I love reading about Angels4Epilepsy and all your daughter is doing!

I have been trying to do some interval stuff, hearing how beneficial that is...maybe that is what you could do with your bike. maybe try to do a couple minutes at your normal pace and then a minute at a fast pace, then back to normal. This is supposed to be such a good way to get the benefits and not have to be doing cardio for as long.

Glad to have you on Mamavation! I just started my 6 week active challenge...would love some company. I have recruited my sister and would love more!

Daenel T. said...

First of all, thank you to you and your husband for your service (my husband and I are both Army vets, so I understand the commitment it takes from the family as well as the soldier to do what they do). Second, keep chipping away at those goals. Baby steps lead to giant leaps.

Judy Joyce said...

Hi Kia, you are right, I have to kick up the veggie and fruit intake and find some way to get the kiddies involved! Getting more sleep would be ideal as well and I thank you for your comments, advice and well wishes! I hope this week will be better!

Judy Joyce said...

Hi Colleen! Great idea on the interval training on the bike as I should try that out. I have read a lot about the interval training being a great boost to losing weight. I just have to get over this hunger that is brought on from being so tired!

Jamie is having so much fun getting everything ready for the children. It's teaching her good things and hope we can continue it! Thank you!

What active plan? I need to know more! :)

Judy Joyce said...

Hi Daenel!
Thank you and your husband for serving to defend our great country! I can't imagine being in the Army and having my spouse in it! You are an already amazing woman! Thank you for the encouragement! :)

Pamela M. Kramer - A Renaissance Woman said...

WOW - You have a lot to deal with but seem like a very strong woman! Good luck on your goals this week.

Brittney said...

I also want to thank you and your husband for your service to our country. You are an amazing woman! It sounds like you are on a great track and I think you will find that the support of your Mamavation Sistas makes a huge difference. It does for me! Have a great week!

Shanaka @ Mama Bee Does said...

I have a cousin (air force) that was sent to Kuwait just last month. Thank you to you and your husband for your service. Good luck with achieving your goals this week. The EASport active is fun (but also great exercise) I love ours.

bookieboo said...

My opinion and take this however you want. I'm not a big fan of diets like that cause you end up having to go back to real life anyway and then you have to get adjusted to things all over again. Why not just starting trying with real life situations first. I'm a big believer of weight watchers cause you learn how to have good nutrition and then you can maintain that for life. (I don't purchase their product though, I use all their recipes).

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