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Mamavation Mondays: Week Two


I was bad, I skipped last week's post mostly because of life.  I had a lot going on but mostly it was planning for my 23 year old's birthday as well as an interview for my eight year old's non-profit.  We had a great party that gave me the bad excuse to eat what I wanted over a two day period and I paid for in the amount of three pounds.  I pick up weight by looking at food.  The good news is, I'm still keeping off 15 pounds from when I lost it post May.  Our party was good and all three of my kids and grand baby had fun:


My plan has been mostly working out in the pool every day and watching what I eat in terms of carbs and calories by following the controversial Dukan Diet.  I've been focusing on protein and low fat foods granted I know I need fruit and vegetables, I figure the short term sacrifice is okay given how being overweight and unhealthy in the long term is far worse.  So today marks back on the bandwagon and loose those pounds!

My goal next week is to report a weight loss!


BLOGGING CARNIVAL: This week’s blogging carnival is sponsored by Grunt Style. Two blogging carnival participants will receive a shirt from Grunt Style. Answer the following question in your blog post and link back to the Grunt Style website. Link up your post here.  You can join in too if you would like to become a Sista or just learn some great things!
Question: What has been your favorite Grunt Style workout? If you aren’t doing his workouts what has been your strength training routine?
I am not doing any of the Grunt Style workouts and and I'm not doing any strength training even though I know I should.  I do have a Kettleball and every now and then, I do use it but not near enough.

This post is sponsored by Grunt Style and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation and sponsored by Grunt Style.” at the bottom of your post.

Mamavation Monday

Where does the week go?  It seems ever since moving here, time flies and I find myself every weekend saying I'll do better and be more committed but it's like I'm living the movie Groundhog's Day.  It hasn't been for naught as I keep bouncing around with one to two pounds up and down and still maintaining my 16 pound loss.  I've been making it a habit to exercise in the pool daily.  I read that if you job in waist deep water, you can lose 17 cals per minute so even though five minutes isn't long, I've been doing that coupled with laps and playing tag and Marco Polo with my girls.  I've also been incorporating some foods like almonds and walnuts for the nutritional aspect.  I still need to get healthier with my eating but I've been on a Mexican food kick ... hmmm...wonder why???

This past week consisted of 20-30 minutes of pool workouts and that's been it!  This coming week, I plan to kick it up a notch and actually report a weight loss next week.  I'm reading a book titled Think, Act, Love, Lose Weight by Shane Jeremy James and he takes an approach that many don't which is behavior modification.  I know this is something that Pete routinely touches on for us Mamavation Moms.  Shane does a good job dissecting it and it sticks in my mind at times which is good.  I'm hoping when I've finished it, it will really stick in my mind.

This week's Mamavation Blogging Carnival Question is:

How have you recently stepped up to support someone in your life?
(online or IRL)

I started a Facebook group with my family to garner some weight loss motivation.  It actually started in January and has dwindled down with little enthusiasm.  Combined, the group of us around seven, lost over 70 pounds which is wonderful!  I plan to kick it back in ASAP.   Mamavation Moms was my inspiration to help my family lose weight so thanks, Mamavation!
This week's carnival is hosted by EatSmart Products.  I have a small non-electronic scale which comes in handy but I know a digital scale by EatSmart would be perfect in precision.

This post is sponsored by EatSmart Products and I’m writing this to be entered into a EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale giveaway hosted by Mamavation .

Mamavation Monday

I still haven't gotten back to normal post the cross country move and Disney trip.  However, I think I finally found "it."  For a week now, I've been using this gorgeous new pool of ours that looks over the Franklin Mountains to exercise.  I was just kicking back and forth because I didn't realize I could actually swim.  I took swimming in high school but haven't really swam since.  Yesterday, low and behold, I realized that I can actually swim and tread water so I started doing laps.  Not many because wow, does that make you tired!  I have my oldest with me who wanted to spend time before she returned to Georgia and so I made her do everything I was doing.  I found some really good exercises for the pool so I just did a circuit type workout of moving on to a new one.  It worked because I actually had to get up around midnight to take an ibuprofen for the aching.

The big deal was this morning when I woke up and weighed myself and found that I have only gained back one pound from the 19 pounds I have initially lost since April.  I'm amazed that I have kept it off and I have to credit my loss to the Dukan Diet which is what I went on to lose that weight.  Granted I know the diet isn't healthy but being overweight isn't either so for the short term, I felt it was okay.  Now, I'm just cutting calories and reaching for watermelon over Hershey bars (well, mostly).

This week's Mamavation is about smiling and how powerful a smile is.  The question posed is:

What accomplishment have you done recently that brings a smile to your face?

This is easy as it's my weight loss.  My entire psyche is based on how I feel and when I'm overweight, it really affects so much inside me.  I have always been caught in that vicious cycle of eating too much, feeling bad, eating more to feel better for the moment and then on and on.  I have found that when I'm unhappy, mostly in a relationship, I tend to get overweight.  They always joke that a woman always looks better after a divorce and now I finally get it.  So many of us turn to food for comfort and haven't found the emotional change in ourselves to overcome it but boy, when you lose that weight, a smile and a while new confidence is released.  It's definitely one of those mental games you need to play when trying to lose weight which is to remember how good it felt when you lost those "bad relationship, bad times" pounds.  Remembering that feeling or projecting how you look when you are at the weight you want to be are all effective in getting back to shape.  Ultimately, remembering that smile should do the trick.

This post is sponsored by Joggermom and I’m writing this to be entered into a yoga mat giveaway hosted by Mamavation .” at the end of your post if you enter the blogging carnival

Mamavation - Week Six Even Mothers Need Mothering

This past week was an interesting week with the return of my husband from Kuwait and an upcoming move and more.  I decided to reward myself one day and ate too much and then on Friday, I ate half an order of General Tso's Chicken from my favorite Chinese place.  Luckily, it was one of the worse orders I have had from them so I didn't eat it all which is good.  Bad is my daughter brought home a Mother's Day from school which they partnered with the local grocery store who makes awesome cakes so I splurged on that.  That would have been alright as Saturday rolled around as I was doing well until 5 pm when I broke down and had another piece of cake and then a ton of chips and salsa.  I haven't even weighed myself as I know from early yesterday, I picked up a couple of pounds so I'm sure I'm still there.

After receiving my Mother's Day gift from my eight year old, I teared up to see how far she has come with writing her own cards and making gifts.  My youngest was dressed and playing with a puppet that my very kind friend at AdorableBabyClothing sent them.  The picture reinforced why I have to get healthier as I want to see them make all the milestones from childhood to adult.  Today, I'm being pampered as a mother should be from time to time!

I'm on a race to get in shape for our trip to Disney May 20th.  I have been trying and retrying and I keep failing until about three week's ago where I was able to stay committed to my diet of the moment.  I had lost 16 pounds but since I picked back up 2, I'm at 14 down.  I am not letting it set me back as I know that I was rewarding myself for being a mom and although my food choices could have been better, I'm still learning. I did pick up a Kit Kat bar and ate only one of the four bars and put it down.  It wouldn't have been too long ago that I would have devoured the whole thing like a lion to a gazelle but I am learning on my baby step journey.  Today, starts the renewed diet path forward, being patient with myself, so cheers!


This week's Blogging Carnival question:

Do you know when to back off of your efforts? When is the last time you took a step back in the name of gentle kindness to yourself?

I would say that I don't mainly because when I back off, it's all or nothing and when it's nothing, I binge-like eat.  I don't know limits sometimes and I've always been a stress eater.  I'm learning though and when I fall off the band wagon, I think of Pete telling us to reward ourselves not with food but with something else.  I'm making slow progress but I'm making progress so I can't be too hard on myself.  Gone are the days of telling myself I'm fat and never going to do it.  I've been afraid to tell my family that I'm on diet #98789 because I keep failing but to me, as long as I keep trying, I'm not failing.  It took some time to not be so harsh toward myself but I feel success is there as every day, I'm getting there and it's an every day habit.  

I wrote this blog post while participating in the Mamavation Blogging Carnival for a chance to win a Jillian Moriarity workout  DVD from Jillian Moriarity” at the end of your post if you enter the blogging carnival.

Mamavation Monday - Week Four

I'm an official Mamavation Sista again and I can't wait to do my part in the Sistahood in motivating the other great ladies while getting my own motivation.  The first time I participated, I was really geared up to get into the healthy lifestyle but had so many things going on in my life that I had to drop out.  Now that I'm in a point to restart, this was a no brainer that and I think BookieBoo is a great leader and an inspiration.  So now I begin my second week with the Mamavation Carnival and this past week was a bit of struggle but I lost a pound.

Since I started my weight loss journey January 1st, I've lost 12 pounds and I'm finally going to do it healthier.  I tried the Atkins, Dukan and then Weight Watchers which I enjoyed since I could eat and figure out the point system with real food not to mention free fruit and vegetables.  I then became desperate in wanting to lose so I went back to Dukan and it works but it's hard on the body and not at all safe.  I'm back to watching calories and I will continue exercising as I have been.  I try to minimally ride my bike for 30 minutes but usually go for around 50 minutes and then I complete a series of leg raises and ab work.  I have been doing this for about four to five weeks now.

I did slip a little today and took my girls out after we took some Easter pictures.  I opted for the chicken snack wrap and I had a one scoop vanilla cone.  A few month's ago, I would have opted for the fat-on-my-butt hamburger, fries and Coke along with a 2000 calories specialty ice cream shake.  This is how I know I'm changing.  It's even rubbing off on my eight year old who has been choosing apple slices and milk for her Happy Meals over french fries and soda.  I'm very proud of her!

I participated in last week's Mamavation TV and really listened to Pete discuss halting the cycle of rewarding with food.  It made so much sense as I not only reward but I treat sadness, frustration or anger by eating.  I'm a carb hound and am completely addicted.  I have confused eating with pleasure or a mechanism for comfort versus survival.  I'm getting it finally.  It's taking awhile but I am getting that it's okay to have some pleasurable food but not constantly.  I know that I need to eat for sustainability and health.  This has been an eye opener for me since it's taken my entire adult life to get it but I did.  I now have the foundation to take the next step.  My next thought ties in with this week's carnival question:

Who in your world deserves a “shout out” this week for pushing you to better yourself?  What did they do?
This is an easy one because it's my oldest daughter who understands how important it is for me to get healthier.  She has been trying to hang in there with me to motivate and inspire me as she tackles her last bit of pregnancy weight post birth.  She gives me encouragement and tries to keep me honest with how I'm eating.  She's a trooper with all the different hair brain ideas I have to join the diet of the moment as well as endure my crabby rages when I'm hungry and deprived.  She is my rock and has been for some time. 


Don't forget to watch the men behind the moms on Mamavation TV on Monday at 10:00 pm (EST) on Mingle Media TV.  Also, check out My Trainer Fitness' (MTF) 100-Calorie Workouts here.  Six cards with 100-calorie workouts that can be done in 20 minutes sounds wonderful!  When my time is limited, I don't want to have to ride my bike for 50 minutes to an hour.  This is a great way to get in a good workout in limited time.

I wrote this blog post while participating in the Mamavation Blogging Carnival for a chance to win My Trainer Fitness 100 Calorie+ Workout featuring MizFitOnline from Mamavation

New Chapter of a New Me

Yesterday was my birthday and I'm proud to say that I'm now 42 as I don't mind being 42 as I don't feel old and I'm told I don't look my age so either I'll just continue to relish those compliments even if they might just be saying so out of politeness!  Anyway, on my journey to a new me as I lost it a bit about three year's ago with the birth of my precious Danielle, I want to bring me back better than ever or at least improved as everyone knows there is always room for growth.

On my journey to a better path forward, I'm primarily focusing on health.  I just received two products for the review aspect of my blog that will help to move me along that journey.  One is from Reviva Labs and another is the EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale w/ Extra Large Backlit 3.5" Display and "Step-On" Technology.  I'm noting these two as this is the pre-review because I want to incorporate them into my journey while sharing my experiences with the products coupled with other products or motivation along the way.  I'm also in a group called Mamavation.  The Mamavation Mama's are a group of wonderful women who embrace and support one another while providing this sistahood of motivation to pick you up on those bad days and cheer you on during the good days.

Although this might appear to be a shameless promotion for the products I agreed to review, it's really not as I will track my successes and progress to my goals while utilizing both products to achieve it.  I thought that this is a perfect opportunity to add additional motivation for the goals!

Stay tuned for more progress, updates and reviews from the Reviva Lab products and from EatSmart Digital Bathroom Scale.

Mamavation Monday Sistahood (Week Two) Post for Week 9

After rereading the "how to" pledge to be a sista, I didn't completely answer the about me portion so this week will be both my successes and challenges and more about me.

I'm on week four of Nutrisystem and have found that I'm still hungry, if not hungrier, since being on it.  I'm seriously contemplating ending it and just eating sensibly.  I will make the decision today.  I did write my bike for almost two hours yesterday and the one challenge I need to focus on is picking up the speed to really hit my burn.  I tend to blog while I'm doing it and only stay at a 15 mph pace.  With working full time, telecommuting, and having two small kids with chronic medical conditions and are usually sick lately, it's been a challenge getting enough sleep.  It's widely known that those that do not get adequate sleep tend to be overweight.  I know first hand on that as even my middle child, almost seven, never slept through the night for the first four years which was when I was the heaviest. 
My successes this past week include:
  • Joining Mamavation and making the Sistahood (crowds screaming)!
  • Riding my bike every day for minimally one hour.
  • Trying to watch calorie intake and nearly succeeding.
  • Eating a vegetable and fruit (at least one) every day.
My Challenges:
  • Sticking to my calorie intake.
  • Avoiding chocolate.
  • Getting enough sleep
I lost nothing this past week but I didn't gain either.

Quick Bio:

I'm a telecommuting mom who works full time.  I have five kids, three at home and two stepchildren in Texas.  Two of my children were diagnosed in 2008, within two weeks of one another, with Benign Rolandic Epilepsy and an unknown pulmonary condition that almost took her life.  Since then, the two year old has been labeled with asthma and allergies.  Both take daily medications and whenever get hit with colds, the two year old has to be monitored closely as it's usually a trip to the hospital.  Due to the six year old's epilepsy, we formed Angels4Epilepsy to give back to other children who are hospitalized with epilepsy.

I'm also an Army wife with a husband deploying to Kuwait at the very end of April or early May for a year.  He's had many deployments so we tend to lose track.  Since our marriage, this is his first year long deployment so this will be challenging especially for the younger ones.  I'm also a grandma-to-be as my almost 22 year old is pregnant with her first one.

I'm currently attempting to write a historical novel and am half way through.  I also blog on the side and review products and provide giveaways.

This Week's Goals:
  • Continue watching what I eat.
  • Kicking up my speed on my bike and/or add in EA Active
  • Lose two pounds

Youthful Tips

#Mamavation Twitter Party April 12th & Campaign 4

Mamavation, a great group of women who support one another through "mamavation!"  They are a sistahood powerhouse of women of all ages who really have a common goal and that is to get healthy or stay healthy.  If you are struggling with trying to lose weight, need some friends or "sistas," or just want to be part of a great group of women, join Mamavation!  

Part of Mamavation is picking a couple of contestants who end up on a journey of weight loss.  Campaign 3 just wrapped up with great success by Lisa and Katie with an accumulated weight loss of over 45 pounds!  Now, Mamavation is gearing up for Campaign 4 with two new great contestants and you can be a part by going to www.mamavation.com to learn more.

Campaign #4 Applications Accepted March 22nd to April 1st
Voting April 5th to 12th
Twitter Launch Party April 12th
Mamavation Campaign #4 April 13th to May 28th
With this new campaign, Colleen is going to apply in the next few days and I hope you will support her in her endeavor as she's a great woman!  Once she does enter, all you have to do is tweet to @bookieboo the following:

Please tweet "Hey Bookieboo! I want @colleen_mouse to be the next #mamavation mom.  She has my support!"

More information to come about Colleen and how you can support her!

More about Mamavation:

Mamavation is a weight loss campaign and social media experiment brought to you byEarth Footwear, The EA SPORTS Active & Smooth Fitness & Gaiam. The Mamavation campaign is a unique movement in social media. Not only does it support two moms (Mamavation Moms), it also supports the first virtual healthy living sorority in social media called "The Sistahood." The Mamavation Moms are put though a 7-week healthy living bootcamp. The will receive a professional nutritional plan created by a physician that specializes in nutrition, Dr. Renna, and a fitness program created by Tracey Mallett. They will also receive two pairs of Earth Footwear, a treadmill from Smooth Fitness, an EA SPORTS ActiveTracey Mallett and Tae Bo DVDs. Their lives become a virtual open book with twists and turns and real life challenges they must overcome. The purpose behind the campaign is to inspire moms all over the internet to live more healthy. The program is managed by @bookieboo, Leah Segedie. Leah Segedie has successfully lost over 170 lbs. herself. She is no stranger to hard work and overcoming challenges in weight loss as a mom.

Youthful Tips

Losing Weight in the Sistahood and #Mamavation

I've been trying and trying to lose weight and get healthier and ever since I hit 40 (will be 42 in July), I'm realizing the importance of getting in shape for longevity over appearance sake.  I finally joined the Mamavation Sistahood to further the encouragement and success.

;Watch Lives Change   

Since I started working on the weight loss track (again), two weeks ago, I've lost five pounds by counting calories and sticking to the Nutrisystem plan.  I bought the EarthFootwear shoes and wear them everywhere to add a little extra to the weight loss and I ride my bike minimally for one hour a day.


Yahoo Health had a great article on easy ways to lose weight.  After reading it, it wasn't anything new or truly informative but I considered it further reinforcement to help make little changes that will equal big chances in the long run.  The summary is:

  • Eat hot soup before you eat lunch or dinner as hot foods forces you to slow down and eat.  If you are like me, you are an unwilling marathon eater and can't control it!  I multi-task so much and for so many years that I cram food in to get to the next task or I eat and task at the same time.  Before I know it, I just consumed a 1700 calorie Wendy's meal in 10 minutes flat!
  • Don't eat heavily before bed.  In fact, I've routinely read that you shouldn't eat after 6 pm.  I don't understand that one as so many people eat dinner after 7 pm but aren't overweight but then again, they probably eat less than I would at a meal.
  • Live like a city dweller which means find ways to walk more.  Park down further at Walmart or park and walk to get your food order.  Little things add up and this is an easy way to do it.
  • Try dashing chili pepper on your food as it helps to stimulate your metabolism while possibly curtailing your hunger. I also read the cinnamon does this.
  • Limit your calories in drinks.  You would be surprised how quickly those Starbucks or apple juices add up.  I also have been wondering how calorie free the fake sugars are.  Every time I quit drinking them and switch to water, I drop weight.  I'm sure it's a benefit to having the water to flush the body but it still seems like there has to be something about the so-called calorie free claims.
  • My biggest one: weigh yourself daily!  This is so true even though many experts state you shouldn't do this.  How many times have you forced yourself on the scales after a couple of weeks, trying to shift to one side over the other to trick the scale only to find you packed on a few pounds?  When you weigh yourself daily, you are more accountable in ensuring the scale doesn't go up and it's motivating to see it staying put or going down.  One way it's bad is when you are trying to lose weight and you see no movement.  With any weight loss program when you incorporate exercise, there is a period of weight increase as you shift from fat to muscle. 
Overall, I think the biggest changes are recording your intake, drinking water, exercising and weighing yourself daily.  You can read the entire article here.

Youthful Tips

My First Mamavation Post to be in the Sistahood

I'm finally doing it!  Joining the great Mamation motivators and Bookieboo in realizing my goals of finally getting in shape!  I have the EarthFootwear shoes, I watch the Tweets, I get the e-mails so there is nothing holding me back now ...no more excuses as it's time to do it!

I started Nutrisystem last week to regulate my caloric intake and I ride my bike six days a week for at least 30 minutes if not for an hour or two sometimes. 

I lost two pounds last week and have maintained it in spite of some cheating.  I'm trying to fit in fruits and vegetables but it's hard when no one else eats them with me. In spite of how I try to encourage it, it never happens.  My biggest struggle is having two young children who don't sleep at night so I'm always tired.  I have all the responsibilities and luckily, I have an older daughter who helps me a lot.  I still work so that is a challenge too along with having my husband deploying to Kuwait next month for a month.

My ultimate goal is to lose 30 pounds in a safe, healthy manner that will change my behaviors for the long term.  I want to join the Mamavation Sistahood to receive help and encouragement while giving back.  I see through the events and twittering how helpful and encouraging the sistahood is.

Youthful Tips
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