Embracing a Healthy Family: Spring Accessories for Your Child's Glasses: Ficklets

Spring Accessories for Your Child's Glasses: Ficklets

My last post focused on Easter dresses and this one is dedicated to the little cuties who wear glasses.  Thanks to www.Ficklets.com, your child can choose inexpensive eye charm huggers to adorn their plain glasses.  These cute Ficklets will allow your child to show a little personality while jazzing up their glasses just in time for spring.

Cute butterflies, dainty lady bugs, sunflowers and more will give your little girl's glasses a boost in enjoying their glasses more.  I wished these were available when I was a kid.  The great thing about Ficklets is there are options for boys in a sports theme such as soccer balls, basketballs and more.

I like them so much that I ordered some for my niece who loves them and even have a couple for me.

If you want to add a little bling to your glasses or personality to your little one's glasses, check out www.ficklets.com for great looking, high quality eye wear charm huggers that are inexpensive and fun.

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