Embracing a Healthy Family: The Day in the Life of My Huggies Little Mover

The Day in the Life of My Huggies Little Mover

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m partnering with Huggies to become a Little Movers Ambassador and will be writing several blog posts are on their behalf. Since I started the partnership, I’ve thought a lot about my children starting at 22 (expecting herself now) down to my baby and have found that there isn't much difference in a little mover.  Some are more active than others, some are more adventurous and some are just a breeze.  No matter which type there are, one thing is the same and that is the need to have a diaper that can last longer than the little marathon movers!

I was curious as to what all a day in my life entailed with my Huggies Little Mover so I decided to write it down:

7 am - charged out of bed with a full diaper but dry clothing! Triumph again!  Now with a new Huggies Little Movers armed, she's set and dangerous to begin our mission of renovating the house (i.e. destroying it), trying out new textures and colors (i.e spilling drinks and food on clothes) and playing diplomacy or not (i.e. fighting with siblings).

Noon - lunch time and she's already broke free of her diaper twice as she loves to try to change her own diapers and that of her babies and stuffed animals.  I think we've watched one episode of Max and Ruby, counted 1, 2, 3, 6, 8, 9 and had a contest to see who's fingers can get the brightest color of orange from eating Cheetos with her sister instead of eating their sandwiches and carrots.

2 pm - post nap and rearing to go ..again.  A new diaper and she's fit to recreate everything that happened starting at 7 am with some extra fights, messes and tantrums.  I can't remember the last time I napped.  Every time I try to nap, it's like my head is connected to a mystery world that makes the door bell or phone ring.


4 pm - I've already put in 10,000 steps towards my fitness program with the chasing around, cleaning up, and breaking up fist fights (okay, not really fist fights but man they can fight)!  If only they bottled up that energy!  I decided if I really wanted to get in shape, all I need to do is follow around my little tot for two days and I'd have it made!  Time to make dinner or do I dare?  Calling for pizza delivery is a much better idea even though not healthier.

7 pm - post dinner and bath time!  I will admit that sometimes with all the busy times, I may not change her as much as I should but one thing for certain, Huggies accepts the mission and succeeds!

8 pm - bed time ...shew all this 'remembering' has made me exhausted..time for bed!  

It reminded me how Huggies beat my little one at Disney and lasted longer!

So, all in all, I left out a lot!  How does your little one keep you moving?  I know one thing for sure, I have been able to count on the Huggies line of products to keep my little ones dry and leak proof!

Huggies recently approached me and asked me to be a brand ambassador for their Little Movers diapers, and as part of the partnership I will be writing several blog posts on behalf of the brand. 

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