Embracing a Healthy Family: How to Make a Huggies Diaper Cake with Glue Dots Adhesives

How to Make a Huggies Diaper Cake with Glue Dots Adhesives

My oldest is pregnant with her first baby due 10/10/10 (cool isn't it?)!   For part of her gift, I'm making a Huggies Diaper Cake and I'll provide the instructional here.  I just started to make it ahead of time for this post so I'm missing some of the gifts but you will get the idea if you decide to make one yourself.

Step 1:
Take one Huggies diaper and roll up as shown in the picture below.  Start with the open end, roll and secure with a rubber band.

Step 2:
Take seven more Huggies diapers and add to the first diaper as shown below. 

Step 3:
The first layer is finished and now for the middle layer, roll 16 Huggies diapers and secure with another rubber band as shown below. 

Step 4:
With a larger rubber band, it's time to make the bottom or base of the Huggies Diaper Cake.  Take 45~ Huggies Diapers and roll up as you did in the other steps.  Secure with the large rubber band and your base is finished.  

Step 5:
You can either make your own base to sit the entire cake on from sturdy cardboard or purchase a cake base from a party or craft store.  This will provide stability to the weight of the cake pending how much extra you add.

Step 6:
In each layer, you can add Huggies coupons as an extra surprise or leave as is.  Use dowel rods or other like material to secure all three layers together. This is a step that professional cake makers use to secure their layered cakes.

Step 7:
Once your layers are secure, you can take out some of the Huggies Diapers from the top and replace with toys, other Huggies products or whatever you want.

Step 8:  
Add ribbon or whatever you want to make it more special.  You can take long swaddle blankets, fold in lengths and use it to wrap around the layers to hide the rubber bands.  I used Glue Dots Adhesives to secure my ribbons in place, the pinwheel and the extras items that I added.  They worked amazingly well. I'm sold on both Huggies and Glue Dots!

Step 9:
Purchase cellophane wrap from a craft or party store to secure it together and you can wrap a rattle or other toys to the top.

Glue Dots Adhesive Products

Here are some of my other projects I created with Glue Dots in preparation for my daughters' birthday parties in July.

I used Glue Dots to hold the ribbon on the vases, the feather boa on the front, the Minnie ears on the lolliop along with her bow.  I also used Glue Dots when adding the bow to the ball on the second picture and to keep the boa fastened.  I used flamingo picks to attach the circles using Glue Dots.

Want to learn more about Glue Dots?  Check out the Facebook page here or to be a part of this DIY project with TwitterMoms and Glue Dots, click here.

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Unknown said...

lovely idea..! very cute!

Reyna Meinhardt said...

Super cute! I love how yours turned out!

Judy Joyce said...

Thanks! I'll have to expand on it in time for my daughter's shower!

baby gifts said...

Adorable! Keep up the great work!!! Thank you so much for sharing tutorial. I’ll give it a go!

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