Embracing a Healthy Family: Thanks to OneMillionMoms for Protecting Our Families

Thanks to OneMillionMoms for Protecting Our Families

In a society that really makes me fear sometimes for the future, I wonder how much other generations in the past had the same fears of what is happening with our country and what is going to become of it?  I probably should do more to make changes and invoke a difference but I just keep too much on my plate and have differing priorities.  So when I can't completely do what I want to do, I have found an outlet in trying to protect my children as much as possible through other venues.  I understand there is a fine line with freedom of speech and parental responsibilities but there is also a line to draw when the material is clearly and blatantly up front and not just on TV but in advertisements and businesses.

OneMillionMoms.com - online activism campaign for moms

One of my personal favorites is OneMillionMoms.com which is a project of the American Family Association.  I signed up with them a few year's ago and they are a web based, e-mail alert program that asks its members to contact certain businesses when their advertisements cross the line.  The latest one which inspired this post was asking members to contact Sears.  For their Father's Day event, there were a series of nude and semi-nude posters available for purchase.  The posters were found via a specific search and I was really surprised that Sears actually sold these posters online.  Granted, porn is everywhere and when you have a society that utilizes half dresses women to sell anything from grass killer to tires to animal feed (I am exaggerating a bit), it's no wonder there is a focus on nudity.  However, I do expect to have some decency in places that I would have expected to be harmless.  I never envisioned that I would have to monitor my kid's searching on department stores now.

So after my rant, I wanted to say thanks to the American Family Association's OneMillionMoms.com for being the voice of decency in areas our children have access to ...namely advertisements and more!  Thank you!

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