Embracing a Healthy Family: Princesseneige Etsy Shop

Princesseneige Etsy Shop

Looking for necklaces, children's bags, legwarmers, scarves or more?  Don't forget to check out Princess Eneige's Etsy Shop.  Some of the handmade items feature the softest baby alpaca from Perou.   Here are just a few of the beautiful handmade items available:

A child's bag Beautiful legwarmers Romantic necklace

About Princesseneige's Etsy Shop:

Original, luxurious and poetical hand knitted clothes and accessories for babies, kids and moms.

In my boutique you can find unique items for you or somebody you love. Each piece is unique and knitted with great care and special attention to details.

Using only 100% natural yarns and fabrics such as alpaca, cachmere, wool, cotton, linen, mohair and silk, this collection is made in France.

Visit her web-blog at http://princesseneige.canalblog.com/

Princesseneige has partnered up with Blogmania 2010 to provide this great giveaway item to one of my lucky winners:

Alpaca booties from my collection A little forest Elf.

Alpaca booties from my collection A little forest Elf.

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