Embracing a Healthy Family: 10% Savings at Fashion Playtes

10% Savings at Fashion Playtes

School is almost back here in Georgia so we began the journey to purchasing school supplies and clothing.   Every now and then I'll hear a parent complain at the number of supplies parents are required to purchase but I guess coming from a state where we had to pay book rentals and a slew of other fees in addition to school supplies, I think Georgians have it pretty good.   I think it's a prime example of using taxes for what they were suppose to be for and being able to have free books is a nice perk compared to what I was used to.

I regret that my seven year old is not into clothes as I would like her to be.  I love buying them clothes but she's so hard to buy for because she's picky.  One place where I have had luck is Fashion Playtes.  I think she loves them because she gets to design exactly what she wants and I think the bonus name on the label is appealing to her as she's a very creative child.  

I've purchased a few items from Fashion Playtes over the past several months and this is one of my daughter's favorites.

If you haven't checked out Fashion Playtes, you should as your daughter will love it!


Create Tees & Denim with FashionPlaytes. 10% Off on Gift Certificates or Any Order minimum of $25! Use Coupon Code: save10forschool

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