Embracing a Healthy Family: Six is Enough

Six is Enough

I've read a blog not too long ago about how us moms must have an alarm on our butts as when we sit on the toilet, one of our children needs us.  I have found more so over the last few weeks with my nieces visiting, they always need me and it's only when I'm doing something I want to do.  I can sit in the living room with them and they all get along, play, have fun, play games, watch TV and so forth but the minute I try to write more on my historical novel, my blog, exercise or anything, they act up.  I found it amusing at first more so due to the irony of it but am growing perplexed as to what's the deal?

I brought my three nieces for a visit from Indiana since we don't see them often.  One returned home a week ago and the other two will go home later this week.  It's been nice having them and being able to spoil them a bit but I also learned how difficult it is to have so many children in one home.  Our power went out last night for over five hours so I took them to Walmart for a cool retreat as it was 89 inside.  The greeter said "hello girls!"  Then he added on "oh, hello many girls!"   We definitely pulled some looks given how many of us there were and I wondered if people had sympathy thinking they were all mine or if I was just some crazy lady who babysat a ton of kids.  

All in all, I'm in awe with the women who can manage MANY children, a house and sanity!  I always think of another blogger who wrote something like "I like giving home made gifts ... how many of my kids do you want?'  Cute humor and this will be a very memorable summer as I love my nieces very much!

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