Embracing a Healthy Family: British Retailer Marketing to Obese 3 Year Olds?

British Retailer Marketing to Obese 3 Year Olds?

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What a sad story I read while looking through the Fox News website, "British Retailer Sells 'Plus Size' Clothes to 3-Year Olds."  I routinely glance at Yahoo, CNN and Fox News just to see what is going on and to get all sides but this one is sad to me.  I understand overweight children most likely would like to have clothes that fit but to produce clothing that is "two-and-a-half extra inches around the waist" and cater to the epidemic seems socially irresponsible to me.  I'd much rather see more physical education type programs or games produced along with a reduction in costs for eating healthier.

I noticed with myself that as long as I have or purchase larger clothing sizes to accommodate my weight, I will most likely pack on more.  When I get to the end of my current clothes, I have a rule that I will not buy anymore regardless of what I have left.  For me, this is a deterrent from apathy and it makes me do something about it.  I also feel that by accommodating the growing traditional sizes, it just allows for more growth.  I reviewed some great products by Dr. Sears and he promotes grazing with children which is a great idea.  Grazing is only successful if done by eating proper food.  I've had experience with a grazer, outside myself, and saw the reason behind this child's obesity.  In spite of the mother stating she rarely ate and didn't eat large meals, I witnessed first hand why on more than one occasion.  This child grazed but she grazed on chips, cookies, cupcakes, donuts, etc.  Her grazing habits allowed her to stay constantly content or full but she consumed empty, fat-laden calories which caused her weight issue.  When it was time to sit down for a meal, she was already full and ate very little.

I also started witnessing my own seven year old start picking on the pounds towards the end of the school year which I directly attributed to the daily Happy Meals post school.  I made the mistake that due to her epilepsy, she needed to eat ASAP to stave off the effects of the condition.  When I think back, I'm not sure why I chose such a bad path but I remedied it before school ended and bought the Sneaky Chef cookbook.  Between better eating, physical activity outside along with doctor recommended sunshine therapy for Vitamin D and playing active games on the Wii, she is back to where she needs to be and I feel so much better.

Even though I have a ways to go, it's still sad to read stories like that.  To read the full story, click here.

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