Embracing a Healthy Family: Baby GoGo: A Fresh Look for a Classic Friend Review

Baby GoGo: A Fresh Look for a Classic Friend Review

Baby dolls have been around for many, many years and it's no wonder that they have survived generation after generation as the innate need to nurture begins with role playing as kids.  I don't know one girl that didn't have a baby doll and heard of many boys who grew up with one.  The biggest difference with baby dolls of the past, they were all really geared towards the girls versus the boys who had GI Joes.  Upon receiving a complimentary Baby GoGo with a diaper and diaper bag accessory, I noticed the baby was very gender unspecific thus allowing for a boy or a girl to play with it.

This 13" baby doll also included cute illustrated story books, outfits and accessories in rich, contemporary colors that appeal to children.  The Baby GoGo is a resource for helping a child prepare for his new sibling.  It allows him to provide care to their own little one while watching mom and dad take care of the new baby.

We received the Baby GoGo Goes Home Doll Set adorned in its own soft pajamas, minky blanket, hat, a story book about coming home from the hospital and the diaper with diaper bag.  This is perfect timing as my oldest daughter, who lives at home, is expecting her first child any day now so it will help my three year old understand more about taking care of her "baby."  I think she might have the hardest time adjusting given her age and how close she is to my oldest but I think the Baby GoGo will help her by having her own baby.


The Review:

Both my seven year old and three year old loves Baby GoGo and hasn't put her down.  The doll is realistic looking, soft and easy for little three year old hands to care for.  She loves the accessories that allows her to think she's caring for her own little baby.  I like the fact that the doll's intent is to help teach nurturing habits and it can be for a boy or a girl.

The little diaper has velcro closures making it easy for their little hands to get the diaper on and although the clothing is easy to put back on, my three year old needs help.  I think it will give her invaluable exposure in learning how to tend to another "person."  The baby, clothing, diaper and diaper bag are all of high quality and I expect years of playtime out of them.

Purchase Information:

The baby retails for $39.99 and you can choose to accessorize with the diaper/diaper bag, moses bed or playtime outfit.  Recommended age is three years and up.

Click here for more information on purchasing.

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