Embracing a Healthy Family: Baby GoGo: A Fresh Look for a Classic Friend Baby Dolls

Baby GoGo: A Fresh Look for a Classic Friend Baby Dolls


The Baby GoGo Goes Home Doll Set

Welcome home Baby GoGo!   This adorable 13-inch baby doll comes dressed in soft, cozy pajamas and a hat.  The minky looking blanket can be used to tuck the baby in and it comes with a great little, illustrated story book all about baby coming home from the hospital.  It's a great tool to help transition a new little sibling along the way or just for play time.

Ages 3 and up
MSRP $39.99

The Diaper Bag with diaper is perfect for the Baby GoGo who is on the go!  Children will have their diaper bag just like mommy.  The adorable 100% cotton canvas bag is the perfect size for little ones to carry.  Enclosed is a cotton diaper with Velcro closures just like mommy uses.  The bag is roomy enough to hold more too.

Ages 3 and up
MSRP $24.99

The Moses Bed will give children's Baby GoGo the perfect sleeping place for nap.  Made of 100% cotton material, with straps just the right length for children to easily carry, the Moses bed will travel with child just like mommy or daddy.

Ages 3 and Up
MSRP $29.99

The Baby GoGo Playtime Outfit provides the child the opportunity to change their baby's clothing with bright, adorable playtime outfits. With easy Velcro closures, children will be able to dress Baby GoGo all by themselves.  Includes a shirt, pants, hat and a pair of slip on shoes.

Ages 3 and Up
MSRP $12.99

Click here to see the review and on November 21 through December 5, you will have a chance to win your very own Baby GoGo!

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