Embracing a Healthy Family: Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas Party Ideas

Christmas is a great time to celebrate and spend time with family and friends.  You don't have to have a reason either but sometimes a theme adds to the memories.  Here are a collection of party ideas I gathered from the web:

Gingerbread House Building Party

Home Bazaar HB-8001S Gingerbread House Birdhouse Wild Bird Accessories
This is easy if you purchase prepackaged houses like the ones at Walmart or Michaels.  Setting up work stations where groups can assemble their houses is a lot of fun finishing it off with a contest for the different categories.  Don't forget the pictures!

Courtesy of The Wedding Decorator

To liven up the theme, create a candy bar with a variety of the same candy to be used for decorating.  Any type of a container can be used but glass jars and bottles provide a beautiful presentation.  For more ideas, check out my post for a baby shower I had for my daughter here.

To decorate the house, if you have children, you can have fun by purchasing this set of Gingerbread Men and painting them ahead of time. You can hang them from light fixtures or whatever your house allows.  They will another special memory knowing you painted them yourself or better yet, make them out of real dough for more fun.

If you have a Cricut or Silhouette digital cutter, you can make a host of many other creative decorations such as banners, signs, napkin rings and much more.

Ornament Exchange

This is another easy one where decorating can be elegant by hanging various sizes ornaments around your house.  Purchasing small Christmas trees to adorn the house would also add to the theme and elegance of the party.

Dress up the Christmas dinner table with the festive color and spirited design of these collectible ceramic "ornament" plates. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Each decorative Xmas plate measures 7 1/4" diameter. Set of 4. (Regularly $34.95) SALE!

Fun serving trays like these can add to the festivities by Aspen Country.  A set of four costs $27.95.  This is a fun way to decorate tables by using glass containers filled with ornaments.  Once you purchase a set of glass containers, you will find that you will reuse them again and again so it's worth the cost.  I purchased a number of containers from Hobby Lobby for my daughter's baby shower at 50% off.

Photo courtesy of Let's Entertain

Don't forget to set limits on the price of the ornaments and decide on how you will conduct the exchange whether it's a pick a number out of Santa's hat or drawing names.

More party ideas to come!

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