Embracing a Healthy Family: Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas

Personalized Christmas Gift Ideas

It's never too early to prepare for Christmas and one thing I have found, sometimes it pays to prepare in advance due to shipping costs.  I found that my strategy didn't work as well for Halloween as I could have purchased my girl's costumes cheaper had I waited but I was afraid they would sell out.

Here are some ideas that I use for Christmas as gifts:

Wine, Container (tins) or Present Labels:

Copper and Gold Personalized Christmas Wine Labels sticker
Copper and Gold Personalized Christmas Wine Labels

All labels are fully customizable and come in 1 1/2" or 3" sizes.  The smaller size works well with the small round tins.  Priced at $5.45 for a sheet of 20 in the smaller size or a set of six in the 3" size.

To affix to a bottle of wine, just soak the front label, peel and stick.  It's that easy.  If you want an extra amount of bling, you can add sequence or glitter to the label for a sparkly appearance.

Customized Santa Card:

Customized Letter from Santa card
Customized Letter from Santa

An inexpensive way to send your little one a letter from Santa while you control all wording.  Priced at only $3.25 per card.

Personalized Postage Stamps:

This is a wonderful way to create additional memories by such as easy way!  You'll be surprised at how much your loved ones will enjoy seeing their family on postage stamps they receive with their cards.  Priced at only $19.95 for a sheet of 20, it will be a hit.

More ideas to come!

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