Embracing a Healthy Family: Cricut Personal Cutter and Elmer's Craft Bond

Cricut Personal Cutter and Elmer's Craft Bond

This weekend, I worked on a few projects for my cousin's children's birthdays coming up soon.  I have a Silhouette SD Digital Cutter and a Cricut Personal Cutter.  There are differences with the two and each has their pro's, con's and things in common.  I also have the Cricut Cake which I'm still trying to figure out as it's not as easy as cut and bam, you have something magnificent.

The great thing I just discovered is from Craft Edge and it allows you to purchase software that you can download SVG files and send to your Silhouette or Cricut! That allows for so much more diversity and if you search for free SVG files, you will find a ton of freebies.  I purchased the Sure Cuts a Lot program and love it.  I was able to create so much more with it and with this program, you don't have to rely on the Cricut cartridges alone.

For my first project, my cousin's son is having a Cat in the Hat themed party so I made a banner, cupcake wrappers and cupcake picks.  I still have to make the water bottle labels.

I used the Cricut to cut the Cat in the Hat and the shapes and used Elmer's Craft Bond to glue them together.  I followed up with hot glue to affix the bamboo forks to the cardstock.  The other picture of picks are for the spa theme.

I copied and pasted the images below and used my Kodak printer on sticker paper.  I believe there is paper that is waterproof but I haven't taken the time to find or buy it.  I just used 3m wide clear packing tape to carefully wrap the bottle which creates a nice appearance.  I also use Crystal water bottles due to the flat shape in the middle that allows for perfect placement.
I used the Cricut completely for the banner.  I cut out the different layers of the Cat in the Hat and used Elmer's Craft Bond to glue them all together.  I received a package of different Elmer's products as a Bzz Agent and have been experimenting with them.  I used the Craft Bond and the X-Acto cutter for edges on the toothpicks.  I like Elmer's Craft Bond as it's a pen and allows easier use and the right amount of adhesive.  It's handy and really maintains a strong hold.

For the second theme, her daughter is having a spa theme.  I used a downloadable scrapbook theme coupled with the Cricut and Elmer's Craft Bond.  I printed the images and placed on Cricut cut shapes.  The water bottle labels are printed.

I'm going to write a comparison post on the Cricut and Silhouette soon.

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