Embracing a Healthy Family: The Joys of a Grandchild

The Joys of a Grandchild

I had no idea how wonderful having a grandchild would be but then I rarely get to hold her because her mama, my daughter, always has her!  It's so cute seeing the love and adoration she has for her.  I always told her that having a child brings about a completely new love that you only experience with your own.  She thought she knew it from being so involved with raising my three and seven year old until now.  She loves my two more than words can describe but she has definitely picked up a new love and it's so evident by watching her interact with her.

We took pictures the last two days and had tons of fun:

The above is a tutu dress that I won from another blogger, Village of Moms, and love it!  She has a blue tutu too that matches my girls.

Tons of fun with girls and I'm loving it!  I can't wait for Christmas!


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Aileen said...

Gosh, these kids are so photogenic! My family looks down, outright homely compared to this.
arobimom at gmail dot com

Judy Joyce said...

LOL Aileen! I take TONS of photos to get the "right" ones. I end up with about 200 pictures before I pick about 10. I just bought a new Cannon EOS Rebel to try my luck with that. I got tired of paying big money to take them in to the studio only to be disappointed. I'm sure they look beautiful! :)

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