Embracing a Healthy Family: lotus® Home Cleaning System Gift Guide

lotus® Home Cleaning System Gift Guide

The lotus® patent technology infuses cold tap water with an extra oxygen atom, creating a natural sanitizer. By passing air through 4,500 volts of electricity, the lotus® system splits oxygen molecules into atoms and forces this extra atom to combine and form liquefied ozone. The third oxygen atom becomes the sanitizing agent, a natural oxidant -- which kills bacteria and viruses, and neutralizes pesticides.

lotus® Home Cleaning Systems

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  • Base Unit - Start/Cancel/Reset button
  • Selector Mode — Two Modes a) spray bottle cleaning and b) cleaning bowl and all other optional accessories such as toothbrush cleaner
  • Display
  • Center location for the attachments to sit
  • 3' power cord
  • .08 Amps

lotus Water Treatment System

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  • Countertop system purifies tap water with a proprietary two-stage process.
  • Enjoy great-tasting water that is safer and healthier for your family. Save a fortune compared to bottled water.
  • The first stage adds ozone (O3) to the water to destroy more than 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.
  • The second stage uses activated carbon in a custom-formulated carbon-block filter to remove pesticides, wastes, other chemical contaminants plus any remaining ozone.
  • Ozonation, when combined with carbon filtration, is more effective — and more cost efficient — than any competing system utilizing ultraviolet radiation or reverse osmosis or filtration alone.

lotus Wetmop

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  • Reduce the need for chemical cleaners.
  • Picks up dirt and grime fast.
  • Powerful spray action.
  • Use on tough stains.
  • Microfibers lift dirt and grease.
  • No more chemicals.
  • Safe on most floors* including vinyl and linoleum, ceramic tile, marble, hardwood and stone. (DO NOT use on oiled, unfinished or waxed wooden boards, carpeted floors or non-sealed tiles.)
  • Kills germs naturally with lotus activated water.

The lotus® Wetmop, when used with the lotus® Cleaning System, cleans without chemicals to sanitize and disinfect your floors. It saves you money by washing and reusing the lotus cloths up to 300 times versus the single-use mop cloths. The lotus® wetmop lifts dirt and grease without smearing and kills germs naturally.

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