Embracing a Healthy Family: Lotus Home Cleaning System Review: Clean Green & Save Money

Lotus Home Cleaning System Review: Clean Green & Save Money

With all the attention on the environment and better health, there are new products emerging using basic scientific principles.  This is a win-win also given the economy as everyone needs to save money.  Cleaning products can be costly and not necessarily good for your health.  I've been fortunate to try out some new products that test the ability of just water which is what this post focuses on.  I received a complimentary Lotus Home Cleaning System to try.  If you are like me, you haven't heard of the Lotus Home Cleaning System until now.  

Here is how it works (straight from the website):

The lotus® patent technology infuses cold tap water with an extra oxygen atom, creating a natural sanitizer. By passing air through 4,500 volts of electricity, the lotus® system splits oxygen molecules into atoms and forces this extra atom to combine and form liquefied ozone. The third oxygen atom becomes the sanitizing agent, a natural oxidant -- which kills bacteria and viruses, and neutralizes pesticides.

Ways this products differs from others on the market:

  1. No expensive or toxic cleaning products required
  2. Versatile as it can be used to clean and sanitize surfaces (spray bottle) or the bowl for things such as sponges, toothbrushes, baby toys, etc
  3. The bowl can also be utilized to remove pesticides from food as well as clean them
One feature I also like is it kills molds and mildew and having a child with severe allergies and asthma, this is a plus for me.

Summary of Pro's & Con's:
  1. Easy to set up - insert cartridge, set up bowl or spray bottle
  2. Uses plain tap water
  3. Comes with two microfiber cleaning cloths which are nice for picking up dirt and dust
  4. Works on nearly all surfaces and types of products (home, garage, vehicle, etc)
  5. Website is fully equipped with helpful hints and tips to include foods with highest contamination/pesticide risks
  6. Eliminates 99.9% of germs
  7. Received many award winning test results (here)
  8. I had some difficulty in getting it to work.  There are very basic, simple instructions to follow and I don't know what I did to get it to work but it did. 
  9. It's a little noisy but extremely tolerable
Overall, I love the system mostly due to the versatility of it.  It doubles as a cleaner and a pesticide/contaminate cleaner for foods.  I also like the idea of not having to purchase cleaners which saves money, clean for the environment and no harsh chemicals.  The ability to chose the timing of the cycles per the item requiring to be cleaned is also a big bonus.  

I've sanitized/cleaned the following:
  • Toothbrushes - they looked cleaner and brighter
  • Invisalign braces - they looked much better and I felt much better about wearing them
  • Potatoes - I saw the difference via the water on the extra dirt it removed in spite of rinsing them off
  • Grapes - the residue was gone and they looked much better or at least I had a better peace of mind
  • Dusted many surfaces (cloth picture below) and it definitely picked up the dirt
I would recommend the Lotus Home Cleaning System.  For more information, click here for:
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