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PLAY-DOH CREATIONS - Make 'N Color Creatures Playset

PLAY-DOH: PLAY-DOH CREATIONS - Make 'N Color Creatures Playset

Approx. Retail: $7.99
Item: 24385
Ages: 4 & Up

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How "wild" can your imagination get? With this awesome Make 'N Color Creatures set, you can create any animals, insects and other totally out-there creatures you come up with! Mold the body from PLAY-DOH modeling compound and combine any of the five colors you want to. Then, choose from 16 reusable body part accessories and color them with the markers. Add them to the body and then create eyes, antennae and more. Go as crazy as you want with your designs -- and then show off your creature creations!
Set includes 16 reusable coloring parts, 4 wet-erase markers, playmat and 5 two-ounce cans of PLAY-DOH brand modeling compound.
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Approx. Retail: $39.99
Item: 18341
Ages: 3 & Up
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"Work" time is play time with this fun electronic dump truck pal! Your RUMBLIN' CHUCK vehicle has lots of loads to haul and he needs your help. Load up his dump bed and he'll actually "know" when he's full and "tell" you all about it! With over 50 phrases and sounds, this hard-working little friend has lots to "say" and share, but he's definitely not all business. He loves to "pop wheelies" and even "plays games" -- as you try to load him up, he tries to shake it all out! Read from his storybook and then create some "heavy-lifting" adventures of your own!
Vehicle comes with storybook. Includes 4 "C" batteries.


Star Wars The Clone Wars General Grievous Spinning Electronic Lightsaber

Star Wars The Clone Wars General Grievous Spinning Electronic Lightsaber

Approx. Retail: $34.99
Item: 96794
Ages: 6 & Up

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Battle the Jedi with a lightsaber like the one General Grievous uses! The cyborg general duels as skillfully as his Jedi enemies, and he is a master of the double-bladed lightsaber. Surprise your opponents with spinning blades, or wield the lightsabers separately for two-handed action!

Gear up to take on your enemies with this amazing lightsaber accessory! Modeled after the lightsaber wielded by the General Grievous character, this lightsaber splits into two, giving you four different configuration possibilities! Create a double-bladed spinning lightsaber, two single lightsabers, a single spinning lightsaber and a single lightsaber or a double-bladed light saber — all depending on what your "battle" requires. Press the buttons to "ignite" your lightsaber accessory and its glowing arc-wave "energy blades". The power activation humming sound, battle-clash sounds and spinning and connection sounds all add to the realistic feeling and, especially when you extend your double lightsaber to over four feet long, you'll definitely feel like you're really in the thick of battle!

Double blade extends to over four feet! Requires 6 "AAA" batteries (not included).

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