Embracing a Healthy Family: TamaTown by Tamagotchi Gift Idea

TamaTown by Tamagotchi Gift Idea

Remember the Tamagotchis? My oldest does and loved them! They were handheld electronic play games of endless fun or until the batteries died. With the new series of electronic friends, your little ones will most likely love one of these for Christmas.


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Tamagotchi is the one and only virtual pet! TamaTown is the latest sensation, which includes the original nurturing play pattern and character customization.

  • The TamaTown egg is larger for easier play.
  • TamaTown is the base for the Tama characters (sold separately). Attach any Tama character and activate character-specific new games.
  • Includes an interchangeable design sheet and 1 “lite” character unit.
  • TamaTown has a new 4-gray scale display screen for greater detail!
  • When you collect multiple characters, TamaTown rewards you with special announcement.

Gotchi Figures

Chamametchi #109

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Collect all 100 TamaTown Gotchi Character Figures!

  • Each character comes with 2 character exclusive games that can be played with TamaTown Tama-go (sold separately).
  • Visit shops and get character specific gifts!
  • Comes with a face plate to change the look of your Tamagotchi. Includes exclusive web codes to access special gifts on www.tamatown.com.


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  • Carry all your TamaTown characters and Tamagotchi with you!
  • Carrying case holds your Tamatown Tamagotchi and 12 characters.

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