Embracing a Healthy Family: 14 Ways to Have a Fresh and Festive Holiday

14 Ways to Have a Fresh and Festive Holiday

I love the holidays and look forward to them almost immediately after they are over.  I spend a lot of time planning for each one in advance because I want each one to be more memorable than the last.  It's very important for me to give my family something to look forward to, to remember and to pass on to their families as they grow up.  Each holiday can be as festive as you like and it's definitely one that I try to make sparkle with old time charm and elegance.  The holidays are not only about decorating and getting ready for family but it also include gifts for others and traveling.  When TwitterMoms and Snuggle offered this latest opportunity, it was an easy one for me since I do love Christmas and I like to share different ways I make it special.  I have many ways to make my holidays fresh and festive but here are 14 of them:

  1. Buying gifts is a special task and is one that I put in a lot of time ensuring that the gift reflects the personality of the person I'm buying for.  I don't stop at just purchasing a gift as I also like to include something personal such as a hand made photo tag or special wrapping that is coordinated with the gift I chose.
  2. I also like to plan a meal with coordinating decorations.  We will use our Cricut this year to make napkin rings, place settings and more to go along with our theme.  Menu cards will be included so the girls will be able to participate in the fun.
  3. Our table centerpiece will be made with beautiful apothecary jars and vases with some filled with pine cones that the girls picked from outside.  This allows them to be a part of making more memories along with something natural and pretty.  If they want, they also add a little glue and silver glitter to add a little more bling.
  4. No holiday can be complete without the tin of home made cookies and peppermint bark.  This is a great way to send some home made holiday cheer to your loved ones especially to those that aren't nearby.  They can ship pretty safely with the right packing and they taste great.
  5. Egg nog is a favorite with some of our family members so having plenty on hand during Christmas dinner is a must.
  6. Poinsettias are a great way to add beautiful, vibrant color to the house while having something fresh and lovely.  They last long after the holidays if you can take care of them unlike me.
  7. I actually do love Snuggle and when I'm done with the fabric sheets from the dryer, I do place them in our dresser drawers for that long lasting fragrance.  They are also good for placing into luggage to keep the wonderful smell going.  This is really good as my parents smoke and that smell can wear off on our belongings by the time we leave in spite of them smoking outside.
  8. Holiday candles strategically placed through out the house also adds a nice aroma while getting you ready for the holidays.  It's a great way to lift up holiday spirits and get everyone in the mood.
  9. No house is complete without the pine wreaths.  The smell is so fresh and clean and they look beautiful on the door as holiday wreaths.
  10. Bowls of fresh fruit not only add color to the room but it can also emit a fragrance throughout the room.  Fresh fruit also encourages healthier eating.  When I see oranges and apples, it makes me think of the holidays as many received them in their stockings when I grew up.
  11. Another great way to encourage a fresh and festive holiday are holiday hot chocolate drinks and apple cider.  This is a wonderful way to warm up, feel good and to get into the spirit.
  12. For those of us that like fresh Christmas trees, nothing gives off that fresh and festive spirit than a live tree.  It's so much fun taking the family out and searching for that special tree.
  13. A non-conventional way to add to your holiday is to donate food to a local food bank.  Providing food is a very non-selfish way to share the job while teaching your children about caring and sharing.
  14. Holiday pictures are always the best way to have that festive holiday while keeping many memories of each one.  Whether you take pictures in front of the fresh tree, baking cookies or delivering food to the pantry, it's a great time to remember.
No matter what your traditions are or what you normally do to make the holidays fresh or festive, what you do put into them leaves lasting memories for your family and children.  The holidays are special times for family and giving to each other.  It's one of the best times to be thankful for you what you have and to make memories if not new traditions.  A festive holiday definitely leaves me happy and it's why I look forward to each one year after year as I try to make the next one even more special.

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