Embracing a Healthy Family: What Brings Comfort and Joy to Your Life

What Brings Comfort and Joy to Your Life

Life is full of so many unexpected twists and turns and although some might be unpleasant, there are so many joys left to surpass the bad ones.  I can think of many things that provide comfort and joy in my life and none fail to make me smile upon thinking of them.  Some people spend their lives worrying and wondering "why me," but I like to focus on the how fortunate I am on many aspects.  TwitterMoms and Kleenex has a new blogging program introducing what brings comfort and joy to our lives.  

First on the list for me are my children.  They bring me boundless memories full of happiness and joy.  Even though they have chronic medical conditions and have frequent hospitalizations, it never overshadows the smiles they bring to my face.  I hope that I'm teaching them to find happiness first over sadness.  I know that because I bring them comfort with my live that they return that same comfort.

My immediate family also brings me much happiness.  My father taught me at a young age to be a good caring person.  He developed me into a good citizen not only for myself but for society as a whole.  To bring care and comfort to complete strangers is an inexplainable joy.  Giving to those less fortunate, passing a simple smile to a stranger or helping an elderly person reach something on a high shelf gives me immense satisfaction.

A good book, chocolate and a nice hot bath can top off a busy day.  Finding time to relax and unwind will always bring a level of comfort especially on those days that are a little more trying and hectic.  I find that a good movie provides that to me too such as Young Victoria or Becoming Jane.  I like feel good movies and watching those leaves me with a great satisfaction.  I think everyone needs to take time out to remember themselves and provide a little pampering.

My daughter started her own soon to be non-profit called Angels4Epilepsy.  She won a Pepsi Refresh Grant to help her gain non-profit status and supplies to deliver 60 Christmas bags to hospitalized children in the normal children's ward and the cancer ward at the local children's hospital.  This caring she does for other children for the name of epilepsy is very touching to me.  To watch her light up when she has an extra toy that she wants to use or to spend some of her money to add to the gifts warms my heart.  She is a very giving child and her epilepsy has not discouraged her one bit.  She is teaching other children along the way and that makes me very proud.

There are many ways to find comfort and joy.  Whether it's the little things like a hand drawn picture of a rainbow by your three year old, a cup of hot chocolate, hearing "I love you" or receiving a special gift, there are so many different ways to give and receive smiles.  It's an abundant world out there and it's up  to us to seize the moment and make it happy for ourselves and those around us.

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