Embracing a Healthy Family: DYI Make Your Own Wine Labels

DYI Make Your Own Wine Labels

Every year, I like to give a bottle of wine to my parents and sister.  I used to purchase my labels until I found how easy they are to make.  It's an easy and somewhat inexpensive way to give a gift designed by you.  I used regular print sticker sheets and I downloaded an image from the net but any image can be used or you can use your digital cutter if you prefer.

After you select your wine, removing the label is easy.  Soak in hot water for about 10 minutes being careful to not let the label on the back get wet.  Some people like to read that part of the label.  I found after I scraped the label off with my finger nail, a SOS pad works perfect for removing the last sticky residue that remained.  Make sure you dry the bottle since the ink will bleed.

I use rhinestone/diamond stickers to add a final touch and it's all ready to give.

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