Embracing a Healthy Family: PishPosh Mommy Stuff Carryall Review

PishPosh Mommy Stuff Carryall Review

Pishposh  Mommy Stuff

Just because you are a mommy or mommy-to-be doesn't mean you can't be stylish.  When I was pregnant with my first child 22 year's ago, there wasn't much choice in being fashionable or stylish.  Times have changed and now moms can look haute and organized.  Nothing is worse than having to lug around all that baby and child gear and not being able to find what you need.  Now, PishPosh Mommy Stuff has the solution with this cute, fashionable PishPosh Carryall.

The PishPosh Carryall was designed by two women who were longed for the days when they could grab their purse and go.  The PishPosh Carryall allows you to keep all the items you need in one handy carryall and it's mobile.  This means you can put it in one bag and replace in another bag with ease.  What a great idea!

I received a complimentary sample and love it!  Both my younger children have chronic medical conditions that require carrying medication anywhere we go.  I still have to worry about diapers, wipes, etc so not having a purse over all these years has not been fun.  The pull-string functionality of the Carryall makes it even more convenient to grab and go.  The choices of patterns are also fun and vibrant.  There should be a choice for any personality.


The Carryall consists of seven pockets of varying sizes around the perimeter of the bag with a pull-string to close the inner pockets.  Within the inner pocket is a large pocket for diapers and wipes, two smaller pockets, one secure zippered pocket and two elastic pockets to hold bottles and cups.  This is great for my children and my new grandchild as she lives with me so having the functionality to carry all ages of items within my purse is wonderful.

The Carryall is made of soft, quality material and it looks very durable.  Since it's made of 100% cotton, I can wash it.  It's 10" wide x 10" tall x 5" deep thus fitting into a variety of purse sizes.  There are also matching diaper clutches available when you just need to take a quick trip to the store without having to tote everything.

Diaper Clutch: Dolores Damask PishPosh Pad: SOMA Chic

You can purchase the Carryall here along with diaper clutches, PishPosh pads and bundle sets here.  Overall, I would recommend the PishPosh Carryall for any mom or mom-to-be as a gift.

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