Embracing a Healthy Family: Brazilian Peel At Home Peel Review

Brazilian Peel At Home Peel Review

Brazilian Peel

I've never had a dermatologist strength peel before but had a friend who did and swore by them.  I think I strayed from them due to the costs mostly.  I was introduced to a complimentary pack of Brazilian Peel and after two uses, I am sharing my thoughts.  First, here are some specifics about the at home peel:

  • Contains 30% glycolic acid – 5x stronger than most doctor endorsed glycolic products - so results are deeper, stronger, longer lasting.
  • Clinically proven to visibly brighten, smooth, firm and tone skin.
  • Safe, gentle, easy to use thanks to the revolutionary Q-Mag Neutralizer, a patented delivery system which delivers the strength of a professional glycolic peel without irritation.
  • Enhanced with a├žai, a natural and potent anti-oxidant from the Brazilian rain forest, that helps reduce the damaging effects of free radicals.
  • Hastens cell regeneration and restores skins’ collagen building function to create a younger looking appearance as softer, clearer, less congested, healthier-looking skin emerges.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.
  • Hyper pigmentation, blemishes and dry patches are reduced or eradicated.
  • Helps repair sun damage.
  • Helps improve skin’s texture, smoothing away dullness, roughness and dryness.
  • Skin becomes tighter, firmer, more radiant and glowing.
  • Makes skin surface ready for High Definition attention.
  • Allows moisturizers and treatment products to be more efficacious.
  • Dye free.

My Review:

The Brazilian Peel is the first 30% glycolic acid, medical strength peel for at home use and is stated to be five times stronger than other retail products.  The Brazilian Peel contains both glycolic acid and acai which is a natural super anti-oxidant from the Amazon Forest.

It's easy to use as you cleanse your face, neck and decollete (i.e. neckline) and pat dry.  Dispense the contents of the syringes in the palm of your hand and mix with two fingers which you will feel a warming sensation.  Apply a thin layer, starting at the forehead, working down the sides of your face and your nose, the neck and neckline with downward strokes.  They do caution to stay away from the eyes and nostrils.  You only have to wait 10 minutes and then you rinse with cool water, follow with moisturizer and sunscreen.  They also state that you may feel tingling and tightening which are normal but you shouldn't feel any discomfort.

I found no discomfort with usage, it was easy to apply and I felt the slight skin tightening.  It was easy to remove, had no bad odors and left no greasy or other feel behind.  My face felt smooth and clean.  The next morning after the first use, I thought there was a glow to my complexion and it looked more vibrant.  I used it again for my second weekly treatment and felt my face still had a nice glow from the peel today.  

To date, I will keep using it and will post again after my fourth week of use.

Each box contains a four week treatment and results vary.  They do recommend using Brazilian Peel continuously for best results.

Brazilian Peel

Brazilian Peel was named one of the Breakthrough products in 2010.

It costs $78 with free ground shipping and is available in the 48 states - not yet internationally.

Other Benefits:
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Continental US UPS Shipping
  • Portion is donated to rainforest sustainability
  • Success Stories here

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