Embracing a Healthy Family: Danielle's Beauty and the Beast Birthday Party

Danielle's Beauty and the Beast Birthday Party

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Finally another birthday party is rolling around and this time, it's for Danielle who will turn 4.  She's my little miracle since she was born prematurely and had to be taken on the spot post ultrasound.  She spent a week in the PICU but was released on my birthday.  She also suffers from an unknown pulmonary condition that is easier to diagnosis as either asthma and/or allergies as that's how she is medicated.  She was intubated two year's ago and wasn't expected to live.  From some miracle, must have been all those prayers to God, she pulled through it while boggling the doctors who cared for her.  So each year is a remembrance of how lucky we are and what we would have missed out on should she have went to heaven then.

Danielle is a princess and loves all things foo-foo related which couldn't make me happier because the older girls are not into that.  We went to Disney last month and she fell in love with Belle from Beauty and the Beast so this year's party is a Belle theme.  Since we packed, moved and are still living out of boxes, I can't find all my party things so I am resorting to having to purchase most everything.

Storybook Belle Prestige Costume, Child S(4-6)

I found her dress at Amazon and love the Storybook Belle Prestige Costume versus some of the other choices.  I'm opting for a three special where she will get the shoes and tiara too.

For her cake, I'm undecided if I will buy an image personalized with her name and Belle or just buy a Disney Princess Belle Figurine or Cake Topper.  I have found my edible printer and sheets but not sure I can make it happen in time since my other daughter is running for a Pepsi Refresh Grant for her non-profit Angels4Epilepsy as that's time consuming. My choices so far are:

Disney Princess- Beauty and the Beast, Belle Petite Doll Cake Topper Figure, Style May Differ Disney Princess- Belle Petite Doll Cake Topper Disney Princess Belle Figurine or Cake Topper

I'm going to try to find my Silhouette cutting machine and try to make some other paper things like a banner, invitations, napkin rings and more.

I do like these invitations and necklaces on Etsy:

Belle Beauty and the Beast - Disney Princess Birthday Party Invitation - Digital File - You Print

Beauty and the Beast I Scrabble Tile Pendant Beauty and the Beast Scrabble Tile Pendant

Next month is my busy month as not only do I have my birthday (smile), but my daughter's, my husband's, my father-in-laws and my dear friend, Annie's.  Busy month but I love it!

We had our party and here are the pictures:

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Amy Orvin said...

This is so cute. I love it!

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