Embracing a Healthy Family: Keeping the Eyes Looking Good

Keeping the Eyes Looking Good

I just read a story about nine simple steps in making your eyes look younger and wanted to share in case you missed it.  I'm in to doing just about anything to prevent and keep those wrinkles at bay.  Some of the tips I weren't aware of is using an extra pillow.  Apparently the elevation of your head helps to prevent fluid build up thus increasing puffiness.  I usually do keep an extra pillow under my head so that might help explain why I don't suffer from eye puffiness.  I also didn't know that you shouldn't overindulge on the eye cream as it can cause itchiness the next morning leading to puffiness.  I use eye cream and I get confused on what is the best to use.  I did find two from the same manufacturer that I like but I can't always decide which to use so sometimes I do use both.  I will just alternate even though I've not noticed anything out of the ordinary in the morning.

Big sunglasses are a must and they recommend a labeling of UV 400.  I had no idea that sunglasses were labeled and I'm fairly certain mine aren't covered so I guess it's off to the store I will go.  With having an in ground pool, I need extra protection for my eyes.  They do recommend still using sunblock 30 minutes before  sun exposure which I already do.

The power of anti-oxidants is always present.  According to many health reports, we need to consume them to keep the body healthy and to avoid the aging effects and inflammation.  There are also products for the eyes that contain anti-oxidants such as green tea.  They also recommend using retinol at night since it has been proven to stimulate collagen and reduce wrinkles.

To read more about the many other great tips, click here to learn more.

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TG Bears said...

Thank you. These are some interesting and simple-to-follow tips.

Judy Joyce said...

I try these and more so now that I've passed the big 4 0 ! Botox is looking better and better LOL Thanks!

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