Embracing a Healthy Family: New Wrinkle Drug by Fibrocell: LaViv

New Wrinkle Drug by Fibrocell: LaViv

Whenever you hear about Botox, you already know what it's primarily used for.  You may also know that there isn't a lot of competition for this miracle vial of botulism in a jar other than Dysport.  The FDA just granted approval for Fibrocell Science to sell it's new wrinkle drug LaViv.  LaViv was approved for those nasty smile lines which should be an honor versus frown lines.

The reported issue Fibrocell has is a lack of funds to market and sell their potentially new dynamo which is surprising as I'm sure it won't last long once word gets out and Hollywood and politicians run for it.

In case you are wondering what is different with LaViv, the process involves extracting the cells from the patient to offer a personalized regiment to be injected into the wrinkle zone(s).  This process is hoping to draw new customers by the "natural" component of using the patient's own cells.  LaViv also differs from Botox as it requires three months to complete versus one visit every three to four months for Botox.  LaViv is expected to last six months in between treatments.  No price has been announced yet.

They are also testing LaViv for acne and burn scars which could offer a combined revenue for the wrinkles and acne scars of 500 million in sales.

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