Embracing a Healthy Family: Diana Nyad's Journey Across the Ocean

Diana Nyad's Journey Across the Ocean

SecretWomen rock and most people know that!  It's been passed down from generation after generation that men are the stronger sex but after my life's experience, they may be physically stronger but women are all around stronger.  I support strong women especially those that are role models and show that the impossible can be done.  In the news lately is a story of Diana Nyad who is going to swim across the ocean and with those stories are a brand tied in.  Secret Deodorant has always been a brand that supports fearless women, which is why they’re sponsoring legendary long-distance swimmer, Diana Nyad, in her courageous journey of swimming 103 miles from Cuba to the Florida Keys for the first time without a shark cage.  I can barely swim across my pool let alone an ocean with sharks!  

Diana just began her fearless, record-breaking swim last night, at the age of 61 and you can follow her journey here.   You can also support Diana by sending her encouragement, water, shark repellant, energy and warmth on Secret’s Facebook Page.  

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