Embracing a Healthy Family: 10 healthy tips to get your kids ready for back-to-school

10 healthy tips to get your kids ready for back-to-school

It's back to school time and are you ready?  I am homeschooling this year so my getting ready is a bit different this year but nonetheless, I cannot ignore the health factor.  Being healthy is an issue we all need to be concerned about and when children are younger, it's best to get them started early to adopt good habits. I have to admit that I'm not the ideal role model in this department but I am learning and am making baby steps in ensuring I put them on a better path.  I used to run to McDonald's after school nearly every day because it was easier until I started seeing the pooch appear on my then seven year old.  I stopped that immediately as it wasn't only adding calories but it was adding bad ones.  Now, I do different things to ensure I'm getting them healthier for the school year regardless if they leave the house or I teach them.  These are the ways I'm working and hope you can incorporate some of them into your children's lives:

  1. Instead of the chips or other salty snack foods, reach for something like Pirates Booty or Pop Chips.  They are much better for your kids and they still get the snack they are craving.  They aren't very expensive either which is good for our budgets now a day.  As you can see from the picture above, today's picnic wasn't exactly healthy (smirk).
  2. Incorporate exercise when they least expect it.  Have an Xbox or wii?  Have family fun competition once a week and then practice during the week.  You'd be surprised at how much hoola hooping can wear you out and the minutes rack up quickly.
  3. Establish outings three to four times a week but this is if your child isn't already racked up with a million activities.  Taking the family out for biking is fun and gives you some great times and memories with the kids while establishing those good health habits.
  4. Have your kids help prepare the meals.  When you can fix a salad where they get to help arrange it or a fruit tray, they might be more apt to eating it versus giving them a plate of peas.  Kids love to cook and it lets their imaginations have fun too.
  5. Getting in a routine at night will make it easier to get the homework done, baths accomplished and on time bedtimes.  It's important to get those eight hours of sleep so instilling that is big winner for them.
  6. Start planning the breakfasts ahead of time so you aren't running late and throwing Pop Tarts on the table.  Serve up some delicious fruit on their cereal, give them a glass of juice and make sure they eat as a child on an empty stomach has a hard time focusing.
  7. Get those physical exams done especially for those that are into sports.  Too many children are dying due to not having proper exams.  Preventive care is something we all should do and teaching kids young is ideal.
  8. Make sure they have a good lunch packed.  Give them veggies with dip if you have one of those lunch bags with an ice pack.  Fruits and veggies are a must and try to switch over to whole wheat bread to eliminate some of the processed sugars and flour products.
  9. For us, I have two children with chronic medical conditions so ensuring I have a medical plan with the school is essential.  My eight year old knows exactly what to do the first moment a headache is coming on.  She has a routine and that will help keep her healthy along with ensuring they wash their hands to prevent spreading germs.
  10. Last but not least, get those eyes checked!   I waited well over a year to get my now eight year old checked and come to find out, she has an optic pit and probably needed glasses for some time.  Being able to see really affects their ability to perform well.  

Whatever you do, it's not too hard to incorporate some good habits into our children's lives.  A life lesson can carry over through generations so the earlier we start, the better.  I hope I'm giving my kids good lessons to learn from and I hope they understand I'm still learning myself!

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