Embracing a Healthy Family: WB's Gossip Girl's Fourth Season Coming Soon: Pre-Order Now

WB's Gossip Girl's Fourth Season Coming Soon: Pre-Order Now

Relationships play a huge role in Gossip Girl. Chuck & Blair, the show’s most popular couple, have been on-and-off throughout the Gossip Girl series. They are consistently at ends with each other, but their love seems to have no bounds. However, as the season progresses, Blair begins to have feelings for her best friend Serena’s ex, Dan. In Season Four, Episode 18, The Kids Stay in the Picture, Chuck comes to the realization that he wants to win Blair back after she and Dan share a kiss.

I want to see Blair wait for her fairytale romance with Prince Louis as what girl doesn't dream of their happily ever after?   Blair should call it off with Chuck since they can't get it right.  I know they have the chemistry but something is off since they can't make it work.  There are enough dysfunctional relationships so how about a nice ending?   

If you are a Gossip Girl fan, what do you think?

So much relationship drama unfolds in the fourth season, available for pre-order here: http://bit.ly/r4GTe8

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The Happy Booker said...

Chuck and Blair are who keep me glued to this show. I haven't given up on them yet! Thanks for the pre-order link!

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